Tell 4A Games whether you want quicktime events in Metro: Last Light

4A Games are unsure whether they want to include quicktime events in Metro: Last Light, so they’re putting the question to the community.

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Canthar2271d ago

Time to go vote. End QTE madness....

t0mmyb0y2271d ago

Pretty sure it worked for Heavy Rain and God of War :D

Canthar2271d ago

The qte's actually made me hate God of War. They are just used way excessively imo.

DarkTower8052271d ago

God of War got it right. How else would you go about ripping a head off or pulling an eyeball out without a qte. I'd rather be involved in that action than just watch it. Damn, now I can't wait for Ascension.

PockyKing2271d ago

The quick time events in Metro 2033 weren't bad at all. They were few and far between and when they did happen they were intense as hell.

2271d ago
Moby-Royale2271d ago

If the option is to either simply watch what is happening or to be involved with some botton presses, I choose the quick time events.

Though what I really want is to be more involved in the actions/scenes without relying on quick time events in general.

mewhy322271d ago

well personally i think that qte's are developer's way of cheating to compensate for either lack of knowledge or hardware dificientcies. I vote NO!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.