Gamer-at-Arms – Easy PC, Lemon Squeezy

Ready Up staff writer Mark Paterson thinks that getting into the PC gaming scene is far too much hassle for what it's worth. What can be done to make things easier?

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kittalpha3282d ago

PCs drive me nuts. They're just so stupidly complex and not user friendly at all. I get the idea of being able to do whatever you want with your build but I really think it's a major contributing factor to the rise of consoles and the decline of PC gaming. Things like Steam have helped because Steam is so simple to use and so consumer friendly but it doesn't change the fact that I don't know nearly enough about PCs to feel confident buying games for it.

TitanUp3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

is it the hardware you are not confident in or software?

hardware is not really an issue just find one of those sites that you choose the parts they put it together. and 90% of new games come with xbox 360 controller support.

software things have gotten easier automatic driver updates,windows 7,steam,games automatically updates.

i know this article is about the hardware but really messing with the settings is part of the fun for pc gaming.

maybe new pc gamers don't see it that way but for people that have been playing on pc for a long time its our way. we don't need console gamers ruining that experience.

pc gaming will become easier but im not going to like it. i will still play games just like i did when publishers and developers all started developing dlc.

Markatansky3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

See, this system wouldn't change how PC gaming is in that sense - it'd just add to it. If you want to mess about with settings that's fine, but that doesn't really do anything for those who just want to play games and not spend all their game-playing time trying to get 1 more frame person second out of their game.

FlareUK3282d ago

Windows has it's performance index, if that was worked on it could be used as a simple benchmark.

foxus3282d ago

I use a PC for work and a console for fun. I think that's the fundamental difference.