Devil May Cry 4 Cover Week on 1UP

Devil May Cry Cover Week ending with a review on Friday

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Lifendz4374d ago

Not talking to you people that don't like DMC. I'm talking about the people that are into the series. Is there any reason any of you people won't get it? For me, it's a day one purchase.

Peekay4374d ago

anyone really good at reving Nero's sword mid combo? I'm pretty good at combos in general. I can at times get S combos, but as soon as i try place a rev in between, i find that its harder to get S combos. Does reving mid combo add more juice to what kind of rating you get for a combo?

wageslave4374d ago

I was a little suprised to read this:

"What the 360 doesn't do, however, is drop a wireless Bluetooth signal, which is what happens fairly consistently on PS3. There's nothing like being in the heat of battle when Nero or Dante suddenly stops doing what you want him to. Of course, if this happens once or twice a mission"

I've heard of this problem before, but "once or twice a mission"? I doubt this could be just DMC4 only; this must occur in other titles.

If this is the case in DMC4, surely it occures at equal rates in other titles.

To PS3 owners; honestly, how much have encountered this drop-out problem?