TGR: Major Nelson Interview had the chance to talk with Major Nelson about various topics ranging from Xbox Live Pricing to the future of Xbox Live.

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Relin4383d ago

He's right in that Xbox Live is in the perfect position to explode financially. The sooner they get a solid digital distribution framework laid, the more money they can make.

cain1414383d ago

I like how they are willing to keep everything fluid. Should enough consumer response happen, they check about bringing it to us...

ry-guy4383d ago

I never understood the need for Home. I'm glad Xbox does not feel the need to jump all over that and is in a position to re-evaluate in the future to see if they need to go back.

When I turn on my Xbox it is either to watch movies or (more importantly) to play games. I don't need to go stalking peoples achievements and see what they have.

Relin4383d ago

Home, as far as been shown, is simply a 3d interface for the same stuff that Live does. It just includes a social networking level that strays from the Live platform. You're not required to walk around to get everywhere, since an in-program menu allows you to skip from place to place as though it were just a menu.

Simply put, Home looks better than Live, but doesn't use the same menu navigation. We'll see how people react, but I'd be really surprised if it flopped.

Zhuk4383d ago

Major Nelson has become a major gaming icon and celebrity in the gaming industry, I personally enjoy his podcasts and watch Major's Minute every week, he has become a great asset to the Xbox team as the face of Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE.

Sony and Nintendo would do well to replicate the kind of success that Major Nelson has pioneered with his role in the gaming community

niall774383d ago

Major Nelson is always bashing the wii or ps3, at least moore was more mature

Relin4383d ago

He didn't bash either the PS3 or the Wii in the interview... in fact, he complimented Sony on being a strong competitor. He's been a little rough on them in the past, agreed, but honestly, that kind of talk has been snapping back at those who say it. In that regard, Sony seems to have the best policy: talk as little about your competitors as possible.

Now, if they could only stick to that ;)

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