Bizarre: PGR4 DLC Still 'Coming Along'

360 Gamer writes:

"Bizarre Creations has said that it is still working on downloadable content for Project Gotham Racing 4, but has refused to say when it will be made available."

"As we reported back in November, Bizarre's community and web lead Ben Ward let slip that the Liverpudlean developer had 'picked the majority of vehicles for [PGR4's] first DLC pack', and was busy coding them."

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N4GayFanturds4375d ago

This game is very slept on! DLC will be good but won't help to put this game on the radar.

Double-Edged4375d ago

and daaaaaaammnnn..

this is racing!!!!

it's much better than Forza in terms of playing with your friends... because in Forza, you have to master it... in PGR4... you just drift it...

Zhuk4375d ago

I bought the game day one, a fantastic racing experience with great singleplayer and multiplayer with some of the best graphics ever seen in a game. I'll buy the DLC the day it comes out without question.

Jinxstar4375d ago

Seriously with Burnout released and how amazing it is... Really right now for me at least all other racing games pale. The speed, control, scale, pace and online are all just amazing... Nothing out right now comes close. So why do I care about DLC for this. Best part is Burnout is multiplat too.

Lygre4375d ago

I've been enjoying PGR3 in over 6000 races (singleplayer and multiplayer), and PGR4 is also a good racing game. I didn't play it too much online to begin with because of Halo 3 and then COD4, but when they updated the game with Daily Tournaments on Xbox Live, I got hooked. If I have a night off, I'm qualifying for a tournament =)

I didn't think that Bizarre would be working on DLC for PGR4 since they got bought by Activision, but it seems I'm wrong. I have a few things that I would've liked to be changed in the game itself. Things like being able to see your friends' times in the tournaments leaderboard (like pressing X to see your friends' score, X again to see worlds best etc). They should also update the Ranked racing on XBL. Too often is it Speed Challenge, Hot Lap and Elimination when racing in teams. More Street Races would be nice. Also not the same tracks in the same cities in one specific class all the time in ranked racing.

I should write a mail to Bizarre and see if they would do anything about it. Changes like tournament leaderboard and the playlist in ranked races should be easy to adjust in a patch. Changes in the playlist/matchmaking doesn't require a patch even. Bungie and Infinity Ward changes the matchmaking, so I don't see why Bizarre shouldn't do it if it would make the game experience better.