Japanese Hobbyists Turn MechWarrior Into a Disturbingly Happy Reality

Like most adult males, I have always dreamed of owning my own full-sized, fully functional mech. And, until yesterday, I had just assumed that I was going to have to wait until a post-apocalyptic future to get my wish. Lucky for me, a few nutty engineers are bringing the dream one step closer to reality.

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32froshes3283d ago

Oh, the things I would do if I could afford one of these.

JoshEngen3283d ago

I'd probably just park it in my driveway and let my neighbors see it. Maybe then they'd stop trying to talk to me.

sreiches3283d ago

This would fulfill so many of my copious mech-based fantasies.

Who's up for a Kickstarter project? Buy 16 of these, start an 8v8 league?

ghettosmurf3283d ago

The Smile Shot? What the hell? Sociopath Shot, more like.

Sign me up.

JoshEngen3283d ago

The world just got simultaneously friendlier and more violent.

JoshEngen3283d ago

Don't you dare flirt with my Mech.