Lumines: Electronic Symphony director ‘was not a good fit for the project,’ says ex-dev James Mielke

Former Q Entertainment producer James Mielke revealed that Lumines: Electronic Symphony suffered development issues and part of the reason was because the game’s former director “was not a good fit for the project” and was ultimately kicked out.

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ZeroX98763282d ago

lumines 1 and 2 was realy good this one hive play like 1 hour and i delete the game rigth away

r213282d ago

just asking, is there any touch controls to this game?

Pillage053282d ago

the game can be completely controlled by the touchscreen, but it's so clunky, slow, and inaccurate that i can't imagine anybody uses it. also you can tap the back screen to the beat of the music to charge your "special move."

r213281d ago

thanks for the info :D

SamPao3281d ago

love the demo, but it's way too expensive!