Journey Creator Is “Suspicious” Of Journalists

Acclaimed video game designer Jenova Chen claims that he has become suspicious of journalists.

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Merrill3282d ago

Rightfully so. Now if only others would speak up and name sites, names etc.

Also vice versa, it would be nice if review sites could give honest, non bias opinions of games without fear from the publishers back lash.

I myself am suspicious of both sides.

iXenon3282d ago

As a journalist, who has networked with other journalists, I know many who aren't afraid of backlash. So many websites have been blacklisted by big publishers for refusing to remove a leak or change a review score.

Journalists have a bad rep, bro, and we don't deserve it.

Silly gameAr3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

He's had to correct Joystiq a couple of times. Like when certain people from TGC left the company, It's almost like they tried to make it sound like there were hard feelings, or they would never work together again.

Also, he had to speak up on one of their Sony and TGC's parting of ways articles. They used to be one of the good ones, now...

Christopher3282d ago

Yeah, especially considering TGC and Sony never parted ways. They still have plans to deliver new games to PSN, just to other platforms (specifically PC has been mentioned) as well.

Baka-akaB3282d ago

He should be , there is no such thing as a video game journalist

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