NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GX2 Leaked Pics

DigitalBattle writes:

"AMD's recently released HD 3870 X2 graphics card is about to get a run for it's money, big time, as Nvidia is looking to release the 9800 GX2 card - consisting of two 8800GT chips on tow circuit boards, but still one graphics card."

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bootsielon4382d ago

nVidia is owning ATI big time lately, the way Intel is owning AMD (big surprise). Anyway, there will probably be a 9900 in about 6 months and a 9999 by holiday season, so I might wait for that instead.

tapdis4382d ago

this is going to be one of the powerfull video cards, pictures make it look a lil crappy bu wen OC'ing going to need a hole lot of cooling for it

Samer3054382d ago

This card is so freakin long. Good luck trying to fit that into your case. Imagine running this thing in tri sli. You have to pay an arm and a leg to get 1 so what happens when the crazy enthusiasts buy 3?? and the funny thing is they still will not be able to max out crysis.

Charlie26884382d ago

That thing is HUGEEEE wonder it wont give you problems if you are not with the big cases

Danielson4381d ago

there is only on dvi connection. hmmm. hopefully they will put another on before it gets released.

gta_cb4381d ago

there is always dvi > vga adapters that come with (i think) every card released these days :D

Danielson4381d ago

no what i meant was that there is only one dvi output, most high end cards have two dvi outputs, for multiple displays.