PlayStation Vita Bundle Well Worth It

TGF writes: "Many PlayStation fans seem to be worried about the Vita and it's sales and software support, or lack thereof since it's launch earlier this year. Even though most of the launch titles were favorably reviewed by both critics and users alike. Though the slow sales have most likely lead to the newest bundle offered from Amazon. Given it's contents, you would be foolish to pass this deal up."

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LOGICWINS2728d ago

I wouldn't necessarily call it "foolish" to pass this deal up. Plenty of people I know are waiting for that AC: Liberation bundle...which is also 250 bucks.

PoSTedUP2728d ago

worth it, but it's not white.

andibandit2728d ago

Vita Protective Film, makes this totally worth it

Amazingmrbrock2728d ago

Also am waiting for the white version. The piano black stuff sony puts out are nice but the sparkly white casings they use are some of the best white products I've seen.

Also it's funny how colours trend in and out for electronics. Though the producers of said products are often behind the times unless their setting the trend. I'm pretty sure apple kicked off this latest white trend in electronics.

PoSTedUP2727d ago

nah maybe someone else b4 sony cause i know sony has been making all their systems white since the ps1. the white ps1 slim, the white ps2 slim, white psp etc.

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MasterCornholio2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Sony should make a similar bundle with the black vita, 4GB memory card and Call of Duty Declassified.

For Japan they could make a special edition Vita that would be bundled with a 4GB memory stick and Soul Sacrifice or Monster Hunter (if the rumor is true)


HammadTheBeast2727d ago

Id pay up for the Soul Sacrifice on in NA. That game looks badass.

Lior2728d ago

I think the white bits and liberation is bundled on october 30th

BigStef712728d ago

I'm personally waiting for the white ps vita bundle with Assassins Creed Liberation but this is a good bundle as well

BigPete79782728d ago

Agreed. Gravity Rush is one of the best games I've played in quite some time.

xursz2728d ago

That is a great bundle, but I already own Gravity Rush and I'm waiting for the Crystal White Vita!

AusRogo2728d ago

I'm waiting for the AC bundle with the white Vita! Can't wait.

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The story is too old to be commented.