Deadlight on XBLA - Review on PSYCHOSOC1AL13

The year is 1986 and Randall Wayne “Randy” a Seattle resident has just shot a woman in the head. The sister walks in frantic accusing him of murder. But he had no choice as she had been bitten by zombies. The world they knew has become a nightmare, isolated and desperate for survival quick but harsh decisions have to be made at times. The chaos has brought unwanted attention which causes them to separate, Randy must now reunite with his friends and try to find his lost family.

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chrisyoung04223274d ago

Good review! I am working on one for this title as we speak.

PSYCHOSOC1AL133274d ago

Cool and thanks for the comment and the share =D

chrisyoung04223274d ago

Anytime... I missed it days ago or it would happened already.