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aiphanes4375d ago

Does anybody know how this will work with the wiimote?

ChickeyCantor4375d ago

there is a website explaining all of this.
And this isnt impressing anyone, but we all know like Melee it will be one kickass game ( although the old school content is impressive XD )

Doppy4375d ago

I think it's because the actually gameplay clips were wayyyyyyyy too short. They spent time showing how to make room for stickers instead of showing us actually gameplay of the characters. Still going to be a great game.

ChickeyCantor4375d ago

actually if im not mistaken the stickers add something to the character of the trophie.

kathos4375d ago

I think the first video is fake like that one pic of the 44 characters cuz under bowser it says koopa...hmmm thats odd

Foliage4375d ago

I used to think that 44 character selection screen was fake as well, but I'm not sure any more after watching this:

I used to be a Sega guy, but wasn't bowser called King Koopa early on? Since they are adding demos to classic games on the disc, maybe they thought the name was more fitting? He still belongs to the koopa race, so that shouldn't throw you off from believing this is real.

Intrepid4375d ago

different for the japanese version. In melee, if you change the language to japanese, you'll see that "Bowser" is changed to "Koopa" and "Jigglypuff" is changed to "Purin." It's just a different way to say the same thing. I'm sure its the same thing for Brawl.

wiizy4375d ago

this game is going to be incredible

Foliage4375d ago

It might just get me to finally buy the wii.

Foliage4375d ago

The audio is well done in this game. From all the videos that I have seen that is one of the major things that popped out at me. The last video posted here is a good example.