RipTen Review: Deadlight (XBLA)

Ben Rowland wrote: "The zombie apocalypse theme is well-tread ground in pretty much every entertainment medium these days, so we wouldn’t blame you for looking at Deadlight and thinking that it’s simply more of the same. However, the recent success of the episodic Walking Dead games has proven that the genre can still surprise us, and thankfully Deadlight has also adopted this winning approach. Deadlight is a smart, challenging and engaging puzzle platformer that took me completely by surprise."

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PaladinXII3283d ago

The only puzzle you need to solve when fighting a zombie is which person in your group looks tastier. ;p

browland13283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

Hence why I pride myself on being the ugly one. :)

Sandwich Bender3283d ago

As long as it isn't a zombie-themed FPS, I will gladly give it a spin.

MasterBlud3283d ago

BANANAS! Can't wait! The title has the word DEAD in it. SOLD!