Capcom explains pricing difference for Devil May Cry 4 in PAL-areas

Some consumers in Europe and Australia might have noticed it already. The Xbox 360 version of Devil May Cry 4 is a bit cheaper than the Playstation 3 version in all of the PAL-areas. The Xbox 360 version has a suggested retail price of €59.99, compared to €69.99 on the Playstation 3. Dutch website PS3Only contacted Capcom for an explanation:

"I didn't realize we were the only publisher doing this. In actuality, it's not that the PS3 version has been made more expensive, but that our business model has allowed us to discount the Xbox 360 version."

This is especially strange, considering the price of both version in America en Japan is exactly equal.

nn5981d ago (Edited 5981d ago )

they should ask them when they will apply the same business model also for ps3.
for people in germany here you can get it for 57.99
the xbox 360 version is also cheaper (48.99)

on playasia both are 40.84Euro

why somebody would disagree?
for giving a link where you can save money when buying the game on the platform you choose?

Ju5981d ago

Those games have "uncut" in their description. If that's what I think it is, its import, and probably they take advantage of the Eur - $ exchange ratio.

Zuhk5981d ago

Xbox will have to pay a subscription to Capcom to play the game.

Skerj5981d ago

Still BS any way you try to spin it.

TheHater5981d ago

Wow, capcom is really f**king the ps3 owners over.

Mr_Kuwabara5981d ago (Edited 5981d ago )

Tell me about it, this gen, CAPCOM has abandoned Sony. Seriously at least bring Monster Hunter 3 to the PS2 for f***s sake!

TheHater5981d ago

I know dude. I really want a next gen Monster Hunter game. But rent the one for the Wii, and if I think it fun, then I will get it. But I want one for the ps3.

kewlkat0075981d ago

even if they tell you the real reason, it probably does not matter. Capcom "dammed if you do and dammed if you don't."

I got a solution: Boycott and don't buy the game if you wanna make some noise.

I don't think Capcom reads these threads..

TheHater5981d ago

lol...so true. I was going to boycott devil may cry 4, but I am unable too. it too good

gunnerforlife5981d ago

i know how u feel even if i tried boycoting the game i still couldnt do it:(

niall775981d ago

the only thing I want from you is dead rising 2

Lord Cheese5981d ago

dead rising 1 with a decent save game system would do me fine - that game is so good but with that awful save system it seems hopelessly broken!