PlayStation Store Preview – July 31st 2012

This week, the PSN Play promotion kicks off with The Expendables 2: The Video Game. Each week thereafter, new titles will release, and the more you buy the more you gave back in PlayStation Store credit. That’s a steal. And so is Grand Theft Auto III re-releasing as a PS2 Classic for just $9.99. The PlayStation Vita goes back into hiding for the week, but comes alive yet again next week when Sound Shapes finally releases. - PSLS

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GuruStarr783289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

My Vita really needs some love... Yet another week with nothing.. C'mon Sony! At least bring Malicious or PS1 games on board!!


to all who bought Resistance: Retribution last week on their Vita, the Multiplayer actually works.. Not sure if it's because I already had an account before and played it on my PSP, but it picked up where I left off years ago when I stopped playing and I just ranked up... hope to see you guys on - line!!

dbjj120883289d ago

Agreed. I'm dying for PS1 classics support (SOMETHING THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE AT LAUNCH!!!)

MostJadedGamer3289d ago

For the life of me I cann't understand why people want to play old games. There is no way that those games are still fun to play in 2012.

Rainstorm813288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Wrong post...

3288d ago
Sithlord-Gamble3288d ago

@ MostJaded ...

Im sure some of those games are fun to lots of people ...
But overall i agree with you.

I didnt buy a Vita to play old ass games.
Rereleasing them as HD and adding trophy support is one thing, but just making it compatible for ps1 ... no thx.

I have a playstation 1 & 2 if i want to play those games.
I bought my Vita for NEW games.

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Trenta273289d ago

All these promised things and still nothing. They said PS1 support long ago and still nothing. It almost makes me want to sell it.

MostJadedGamer3289d ago

So you biught a PS3 to play PS1 games? That is about the dumbest thing I have ever heard. When I buy a new console I buy it for next Generation experiences not to play a bunch of old stale games.

Trenta273289d ago

Umm. No. I was talking about ps1 support for the Vita, not the PS3. I have no idea what you are talking about.

TENTONGUN3288d ago

what gets me is no ps2 game support as well.

cjflora3288d ago

While it would be nice to play PS1 games on the VIta, your claim of considering selling it because it doesn't really makes me question why you bought it in the first place.

PooEgg3288d ago


Just like once in a while it is nice to read an old book, or watch an old movie or TV show, it can be very nice to occasionally revisit video game classics. While some old games get worse over time, many get better with age. You should try it sometimes, then perhaps you won't feel so jaded anymore. ; )

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Lord_Sloth3289d ago

Patience. Supposedly a Monster Hunter title is on the way.

ThanatosDMC3289d ago

If only a Monster Hunter game would go on Vita... i'd actually recharge my Vita again. It's just in my drawer next to my uncharged tablet.

MGSHD was the last game i played on it.

TENTONGUN3288d ago


dude i hear ya, i charged mine last week and acually forgot my pass code its been so long. after a few tries it locked me out for a while. back in the drawer. cmon madden

Xof3289d ago

Wait, so we've finally passed the point where complaining about the constant stream of "nothing" for the Vita is no longer immediately met with fanboy attacks?

Huh. And to think it only took 2 months.

kikizoo3289d ago

the fanboy attack is when people are constantly complaining (sometime even without vita XD)

WeskerChildReborned3289d ago

That's pretty neat that Resistance : Retribution's multiplayer works but i agree, PS Vita certainly needs some more love.

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doctorstrange3289d ago

OMG The Expendables 2!!! That game seriously should not have been a part of PSN Play, so many other worthy games.

GTAIII is awesome tho.

Sev3289d ago

Yeah, they should have added Malicious to it. Or Retro/Grade. Doesn't make sense.

WeskerChildReborned3289d ago

I'm looking more forward to CS:GO than Expendables 2.

cervantes2403289d ago

I would love to see GTA3 eventually arrive on PS Vita.

Sev3289d ago

Yeah, seriously. Although I hear that GTA: Chinatown Wars was just made compatible with Vita.

3288d ago
mafiahajeri3289d ago

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron demo? Well that's just PRIME!

Drithe3289d ago


End of Line.

xGet_In_There3289d ago

YES! I was playing it via remote play not too long ago but had a little lag. Cannot wait for this 1.80 update!

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