[KKEnt] Kuma’s Thought: Enough Excuses, Just Add The Choice

Kuma Wrote: It has come to my attention after a certain GeekyGamerGirl on one of her youtube videos which you can see right here: GeekyGamerGirlLilcollection. In her video she brought out a collection of games that she recently tried out and one of them is Gears of War the first one. In that she brought up the fact that is very male dominated which is true until part 3 where they brought out a whole line of female gears; especially in the comic books as well as the novels. I read in many magazines why certain developers have not added the option of coed characters in the past, as an example in a Game Informer that talked about why the developers of Crackdown had the idea of female Agents, but decided not to use them. In going back a bit to Gears of War 3 when they finally decided to add female gears, it was awkward and threw off the story a bit, because even though I was a fan I had to ask, “Where the hell were all of you?”

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DragonKnight3282d ago

Ok, wtf is going on? Seriously, I want to know who sent out a memo to every G.D. person who is a game blogger or pseudo-journalist about this topic so I can shoot them. Every day for the past month there has been AT LEAST one article repeating the same thing about women and games. All of this on the heels of Tropes vs Videogames. Are you all really that scared of one misinformed and misguided disgruntled woman? Hasn't the agenda been pushed enough by now?

The funny thing is when a female game blogger/journalist makes an article listing what she thinks are the sexiest female characters in games, and Ivy is like number 1 on the list. But seriously, this stuff is getting really old. People, open your eyes and see the variety that's already there and still coming. This is a non-issue. Not ever game has to include the ability to choose a man or a woman of any race. What would be the point of character driven plots if the character is "Joe or Jane" average? Do we really want developers to spend more time taking every story and splitting it in 2 so that it makes sense for a female or male character? Or do we rewrite scripts to avoid pronoun misuse?

*sigh* You know, I try to move away from this issue because modern day feminists and their apologizers really irritate the hell out of me. But it's hard to come to a site about gaming news and avoid something that's constantly thrown in our collective faces. PLAY GAMES LIKE SKYRIM WHERE YOU CAN BE WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT! Why isn't anyone talking about those kinds of games? Do you want to replay all of the Gears of War games as a woman? Buy it for PC and mod it so you can. Otherwise, stop making stupid claims and/or requests.

And for the love of the gaming gods, please give it a break on this crap. If even for just a little while.

SavageKuma3282d ago

Whoa Whoa, Whoa slow your tits. Did you read the article? For one it’s a Dude that wrote it and two There is nothing about the female body, it is all about giving gamer choices in picking genders and diversity. Honestly I don't care what a female wears in a game because they made males wear practically nothing for years in combat.

Secondly yes they do because the world is very diverse and maybe you might not want diversity in games. Some of us with Imagination would not mind seeing a character in a different perspective or when there is a female side character or demon side character, maybe some us want to see their side of the story. This should definitely be in Multi-player games.

Third who is throwing anything in your face? You don't have to read the topic! There is a little synopsis of what the topic is about and if it does not appeal to you, guess what? You do not have to read it! I would not mind playing Gears of War series over with the female characters in the game because it would make the whole series make sense now. The whole time we only saw one female and in part two we see another who is the villain and then they release books and comics of female gears...Sooooo yea thats their fought for putting that in some of our heads and causing such confusing with many that I had to happily explain to them why they put females in it now.

4th seriously read the article carefully next time before you go into this rant and I am so sorry I made you use your brain on this subject and have to think about this. In that you totally missed the point of my post!

DragonKnight3282d ago

If we're going by the structure you replied in then..

1. Where did I say anything about it NOT being a dude that wrote this? And where did I say that it was about the female body? Oh that's right, I didn't. Someone didn't read the comment he replied to very well did he?

2. Since when is this topic diverse? This isn't about diversity, because if one looked at gaming as a whole one would see diversity. I've already discussed such a topic at length many times. The idea that there isn't diversity is an ignorant statement. No one who is a gamer ever wants stagnation, that's why there ISN'T any. Unless you count the domination of the shooter genre and it's multiple cookie cutter games as stagnation.

3. Given that everyday on a gaming news site there is some variation of the sexism argument in articles, one can't avoid it. And then there is the hope that someone, somewhere, would have ACTUAL KNOWLEDGE ABOUT GAMES an discuss the topic from that viewpoint. But no, it's always the same thing. Female body this, female lack of personality that, not enough women blah blah blah. It's an insult to the developers who actually take time to make compelling female characters. And btw, if you thought Gears of War didn't make sense without female characters, why did you play all 3 games? Haven't you ever played a game that had references to characters or places not in the game? You never get a chance to see those people or places? Did all of those games make no sense to you? There must be A LOT of games you think don't make sense.

4. This article isn't your newborn child. If you can't handle criticism, stop writing.

SavageKuma3282d ago

Your critique is flawed and same goes for you not taking in what others want to right. If you feel that annoyed about it don't read it! Again you keep talking about the female body I am not stating about the female body or what they are showing. You keep going on about that and it has nothing to do with my topic at all so you are not paying attention to what you read and just angry about feminist which is totally off topic of my article!

SavageKuma3282d ago

As this person states that this article is not my newborn child, guess what you are not the developers big brother to come storming in when someone has an opinion. If you are tired of it like I said you just punishing yourself by reading, there is a quick synopsis to everyone's post to give you a general idea of what is what. Don't torture yourself!