Is Sexism in Games a Nonissue?

Last month Lollipop Chainsaw hacked its way onto shelves, reviving, among other things, the great debate about the portrayal of women in video games. While the general crudeness of the game was echoed throughout the community, some critics and gamers took offence to the blatant female sexism on display, citing it as the latest in a string of sexist games. But does this string really exist? Previously, perhaps. But today, not so much.

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helghast1023099d ago

People are quick to point out the sexualization of female characters, but what of the male characters? It's common for both genders, so what's the problem? seriously?
I think some people are upset that THEY don't look like some of these characters, they jelly.

NegativeCreep4273099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

The only people that complain about "Sexism" simply by viewing images of women with sex appeal are either fat and fugly women or lonely insecure men with no frijoles.

Gaming1013099d ago

Of course feminism is just inverted chauvinism, that was the point I was making - the sexes aren't different, and the demands by females are not demands of equality, but their version of equality. Things are already unequal in so many ways between men and women, that women can do nothing but ignore their advantages in life only to complain about their perceived disadvantages.

bubblebeam3099d ago

exactly what i was going to say. Look at Gears of war? are any of you guys that big or tough?

Look at uncharted, are any of you guys that sexy?? (I kid, I kid.....but he is)

I don't mean to sound sexist, but female game reviewers ALWAYS factor in the portrayal of female charcters into their final score, which isn't very professional. That's like getting a guy to test out a FEMALE bra and saying it doesn't fit properly.

I think female gamers deserve the exact same rights as male ones, as they are usually more mature. but stop complaining about something so stupid.

Don't worry, the sexy female charcters aren't going to steal any attention away from you, well.....I can only hope!

Gaming1013099d ago

Females are more mature, just because they're females? What planet do you live on?

This isn't a rights issue - it's one group of vocal minorities whining about their self image, and how the portrayal of others better looking than them is hurting their own self image - a problem by far more inherent in females than males, so lets stop it with trying to treat the two the same. They aren't the same, and don't behave the same way, don't have the same gripes about games, so just stop.

No one said women aren't allowed to play games - that would be an equal RIGHTS issue.

It is the artist's expression that they want to put out there, and if you're offended so what? There's an audience for all types of art.

NegativeCreep4273099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

Just remember, "Feminism" is just chauvinism of a different gender.

It's okay to say that women are superior, but isn't okay to say that men are superior.

It's alright to discriminate against men in the workplace (i.e. lifting heavy objects, moving furniture and getting dirty is a "Man's" job) but it isn't alright to discriminate against women.

I don't know about anyone else, but that is not "equality" as it is formally defined. Equality means equality. The great majority of women don't want real "equality", they want special treatment.

bubblebeam3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )


I think you completely misread or misunderstood what I was saying.

I think generally speaking, females are mature, so they at least deserve the same rights as males in the games industry (never said the author or anyone else here said otherwise).

ALSO, when I was comparing males (myself included) to Gears of War characters and Nathan Drake, I did so to highlight the fact that male gamers aren't complaining!
My point is that female gamers shouldn't be so one sided, maybe they think that guys won't pay attention to them because they are more interested in the sexy female characters (which was a joke, just to highlight the jealousy of females).

I'm not saying you guys are dumb, I should have worded it differently than what I did. As now that I read over it, it sounded like I was a female calling guys jerks.

THIS was directed at females.....
"Don't worry ***FEMALE GAMERS***, the sexy female charcters aren't going to steal any attention away from you, well.....I can only hope!"

Gaming1013099d ago

lol @ 'they jelly'

You certainly don't see men crying about playing as The Hulk, what with him having the physique of a bovine cow (look it up, Hulk Cows!), and whining about how they will never have biceps like that... no they actually enjoy playing as huge meaty characters a la Gears of War.

People are trying to draw equivalencies where there are none - the sexes are not equal and should not be treated exactly the same, no matter what politically correct nazi says.

Shnazzyone3099d ago

Yes it's an issue in video games. It's an issue in overall popular media. why arent people getting angry about how marvel women are always posed so you can see their tits and ass at the same time? How about how rap videos constantly show fish eye lens shot of asses? What about how news media anchors are always pretty, fashion shows use girls who are unhealthily skinny, soap operas have consistently big tittied girls with huge clevage, game shows also never have plain girls. Point being, don't think this is exclusive to games, until overall popular media shapes up this isn't changing anytime soon.

Hicken3099d ago

The point is that the issue is as much a problem for men as for women. As is always stated, main male characters are dashing, or super muscular; they don't look like average guys at all. Most main characters, regardless of gender, are idealized, yet men don't complain. Not about how men look, anyway. (It's become common for them to complain about women looking "too sexy" in games, which I can't understand...)

But women- some of them- have taken to complaining about how female characters look, as if they're getting some treatment that men aren't getting. THAT would be sexism.

In fact, these very same women are probably happy to look at shirtless Dante and other such characters, and see nothing wrong with that. I could be wrong, but that's promoting the same thing they're speaking out against; only since it's a male character, it doesn't affect them.

If they're gonna complain, they need to complain about both sides, or not complain at all. For my part, I'm disregarding ANY such argument that doesn't address both the male and female side of the sexism, because it's an invalid argument without all factors considered.

And, honestly, this applies to everything outside of gaming. Popular media DOES display an idealized form of women, but the very same is true of men.

It'd be nice if people remembered that.

gamer78043099d ago

Destructoid made a good point about this game, sure there is sexism towards Juliet, but that game takes it all directions and doesn't discriminate. Nick is constantly the brunt of jokes and sexist remarks. This game is not meant to be taken seriously, if you are, you've totally missed the point.

Chuk53099d ago

Yes it is an issue. I also think the idea that "men are also sexualized" in games, isn't really the same thing. A shirtless ripped dude isn't seen as sexual as a woman with a tight shirt and a low v.

bubblebeam3099d ago

But it is....unless you want to see a guy with a low V and a tight shirt.

That is how men are portrayed as sexy by females, and that is how females are portrayed sexy by males (in some more erotic fassion).

Me, I prefer more classy females, maybe with a pretty summer dress. Doesn't mean I'm not attracted to the ones mentioned above.

DanielBryan3099d ago

I prefer women who don't dump me at the altar.

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