Why Current-Gen Video Game Bosses Suck

Bosses, which have been a typical staple of video games since their inception, no longer carry the same meaning they once did in the golden era of games. Big bads in current games are often times just as easy to kill as the countless others you cut down along the way, and developers’ lack of creativity (or fear of exploring it) in enemy and concept design has left the difficult, satisfying, and frustrating boss battles of yesteryear completely out of the equation.

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rufusman913287d ago

God Of War still has the best bosses ever.

NastyLeftHook03287d ago

I would say its a tie between demons souls, and god of war.

NukaCola3287d ago

Also give it up to Castlevania LoS. Some excellent boss fights there.

Skate-AK3287d ago

The bone dragon thing was crazy.

ATi_Elite3286d ago

Because the Publishers have forced the Devs to spend too much tacking on a stupid Multi-player mode instead of making an Epic Single player experience.

rufusman913286d ago

True that man I prefer single player games like TES and Fallout to Cod, Halo, or BF3 anyday.

bubblebeam3287d ago

For a shooting game gears had good bosses. If you are expecting Marcus to throw himself on a leviathan with no shirt and a hookblade then you are dreaming.

The last boss in Gears 3 was a big suprise for me. Too good for a TPS.

Best boss fights are God of War, SOTC, Zelda and fingers crossed Darksiders 2. Nina Gaiden and Onimusha had amzing boss fights as well.