What's Happened to PvP?

It's not the games that are the problem. It is the players. We have seen this trend consistently during PvP on Meridian 59. As tough as the game can be, veteran players can find loopholes in the PvP mechanics. People will do or try anything not to lose. Even on a video game. There will always be a fundamental flaw with open world PvP. The unpredictable nature of mmorpgs is constant. A fair player vs player fight for one person could be a one sided lose for someone else. These are some of the negative PvP trends common in games today.

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WeskerChildReborned3284d ago

I could never really play PvP because all these people were so good that they like knew how to basically play the game well while i just pressed random spells and attacks.

That's why i barely play PvP on MMORPGs.

StayStatic3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

Dunno but Guild Wars 2 looks promising as skill is rewarded not a bunch of stats you have to grind so I have been left to believe and looks 100 times better than that terrible wow PvP add on to the PvE end game , as soon you have the gear it's boring , says a lot about the game play , roll on GW2.

solar3283d ago

i see 1996 is back. cool.