5 gaming heroes that could win Olympic gold

PS3 Attitude: "With the dazzling opening ceremony last Friday, there was only one theme we could choose for this week’s article: the Olympics! Specifically, we’ve been discussing some of the biggest heroes on PS3, and which sports they would dominate in at the London Games. It’s fair to say that Bradley Wiggins, Michael Phelps, and Usain Bolt et al would have nothing on these guys."

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dorron3285d ago

Chris Redfield gold at weightlifting? LOL...what about Superman, Hulk, Thor, Kratos,...

LoganX3285d ago

John Marston for shooting.
Kratos for weightlifting.
Nathan Drake for anything involving jumping, flipping, climbing.

jeeves863285d ago

Not a single mention to Mario for any jumping events? C'mon, the man was world renowned in Super Mario RPG for his jumping skills alone.

Snake for CQC - I mean wrestling.

Chris Redfield would be great for shot put, but I don't think that gigantic boulder was legal.