Digital Foundry : The Curious Case of the Durango Devkit Leak

"It's one of the most bizarre next-gen console leaks yet - a story so strange we still struggle to believe there's any true to it whatsoever. When a Microsoft Durango devkit appeared on an obscure developer forum - for sale at $10,000 no less - nobody quite knew for certain what on earth was going on. The shots depict an anonymous-looking PC tower case, attached to a cheap display and running Matrix-style datastream graphics over an unconvincing debug launcher. The obvious conclusion drawn by many was that it was an unambiguous fake. Intrigued, Digital Foundry reached out to the source of the leak, and followed up the story with multiple developers working on next-gen projects. The uniform response was startling: apparently, these shots are the real deal." - Digital Foundry

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JBSleek3286d ago

Very interesting read.

An x86 CPU with a Nvidia GPU would basically make this a PC and easier games to be made and if that is based of a Kelper GPU that is powerful.

And with 8GB or 12GB dev kits it means we are looking at 4-6GB ram in the real systems.

Sounds really good to me if true. Can't wait for E3 2013.

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adorie3286d ago

If true then it's more of a reason to avoid the next-gen xbox and just go with a dual card Kepler, in my case.

If Xbox games are going to show up on Windows 8, perhaps I can dual boot win7 and win 8 until I am comfortable with win 8.

1 next gen system,no more. I am done with owning all 3, even if I have the money to do so.

andibandit3286d ago

More like a reason to get it, if PC games start showing up for the box, PC has a vast array og games.

dantesparda3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

why does 8GB or 12GB on the devkit mean 4-6GB ram in the real system?

NoFanboyRequired3286d ago

"at this point it's worth bearing in mind that dev hardware typically features double the RAM of retail kit in order to accommodate debugging tools and other systems."

Read the article..

Dark3603286d ago

Very very interesting.

8GB? - I like that!

ABizzel13286d ago

Consoles usually have 1/2 the RAM of the dev kits so we're looking at 4GB+ (it says more than 8GB), but hopefully next gen will change that.

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