What’s ailing the video game industry?

What is wrong? Is it the world recession? The bigger gap in between new console launches?

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MultiConsoleGamer3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

This gen is just too long.

Global economy.

Lack of an exciting "new thing." Wii filled that gap for a while. At least a couple of years.

Negativity in gaming culture is also a huge factor.

morganfell3888d ago

Irresponsible press, uneducated adolescent writers, agenda driven reviewers are the scourge of gaming. Fanboys are actually good for the industry but not when they sit in the media, which exists outside of game development, and influence via press threats and idiotic scores what happens within game development.

MultiConsoleGamer3888d ago

Agree with your comments about the press.

Do not agree with the idea that fanboys are "good" for the industry. In fact, I'll prove otherwise at a future date.

Godmars2903888d ago

That it happened too soon as far as I'm concerned. That and the general failure to live up to exaggerated aspirations. The BS surrounding motion control, the forced evolution of game controls and gaming in general when no one had a clue of what they were doing. With egos too big to admit as much.

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kevnb3888d ago

PC is doing fantastic, console games mostly just can't make money anymore.

NeoTribe3888d ago

console games sell more than pc... and make more money than pc... go back to playing ur 20 year old halflife crap.

kevnb3888d ago

Well I might have been trolling a bit, but the money is currently on multiplayer PC games. The console market is all sequels and copy cats thanks to the high costs, having to sell millions of copies to be a success is harsh.

DivineHand1253888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

99% of the games are just clones of a more successful game in that particular genre. Hardly any originality, just copy and paste with a new skin. Also the length of this gen adds to the problem. Software sales are down and gaming websites are getting less hits because people are starting to lose interest.

I hope the next consoles are announced and released next year. I Also hope the console makers and engine builders are working on innovative ways to bring down development cost so that next gen will be just as healthy as last gen and the Japanese developers can make a comeback next gen.

I believe the talent we have seen from the past generations are still there in japan and the problem is that they do not have the resources to compete with the western developers to deliver great graphics and the man power needed to push out AAA games that seems to catch the attention of western gamers .

BelieveinGhosts3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

You are completely right. Hard core games are dead. I dont think it is the fault of gamers but the gaming media deserve most of the blame. Afterall, there are a lot of fans who would buy a good tactical shooter whether 3rd person or 1st person.

I have noticed that the only games that get very high metacritic ratings in this current gen are casual games with great graphics and little substance that imitate Call of Duty.

This causes a lot of people to buy this imitations, which is why CoD style fps are selling a lot.

Hardcore 3rd person games are dead after Sony shut down Socom 4.

I hope that next gen, Microsoft acquire the license to socom or atleast make the same type of Hardcore tactical 3rd person shooter with a different name.

If this happens, i will abandone Sony and not buy the Xbox 720 instead of the PS4 and i will be completely satisfied with gaming in a long time

PoSTedUP3888d ago

this is why i am solely gaming on the vita from here on in besides a few big games like The Last Of Us. games that come to the vita are a breath of fresh air. if you didn't game on the DS or PSP this generation you are missing out.

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