Video Game Warzone #168 - STFUandPlay

We’re MEN and we aren’t gonna take it anymore!!!

Inversion WTF?

OUYA Gets Onlive

WiiU $299 rumors

DOA 5 Bunny Trailer

New Transformers Trailer OMFG

Final Fantasy Versus XIII

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X-Factor3284d ago

I can't hear the "caller" or someone else in the background.
Definitely sounded like they were talking about something interesting but I could not make out because the "caller" could not be heard.

PoSTedUP3284d ago

good convos. 3 hours long tho it would be cool to highlight some of the time frames, i couldn't even listen to the hottest chick talk for that long lol.

the worst3284d ago

is hiphop gamer still on the show?????????
i stop listening to this podcasts
to many 360 fanboys on this show

Skip_Bayless3284d ago

It's been half a year since I listened and John Shaw still is annoying. I hate that guy. He thinks he's "all that". Hate the sound of his voice.

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