Games You Can Play With One Hand

If you're injured, distracted, or just can't bother with two hands when you're gaming... here's a list of games you can play with one hand.

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SavageKuma3282d ago

That is an awesome article nicely done!

Onehandband1t3282d ago

I cannot use my left hand due to a motorbike crash, and I can play every game thats out there as long as it has controller support. Check my youtube channel out. It's Onehandband1t

PersonMan3282d ago

I checked out your channel. Cool stuff man! That's pretty epic.

PersonMan3282d ago

What's the other hand doing? You mean to tell me I can still play video games while I....

Be right back...

PersonMan3282d ago

Another game you can play with one hand: The Impossible Game.

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