Skyward Sword Concept Art

Ongoing translations of The Legend of Zelda - Skyward Sword concept art pages of Hyrule Historia, with commentary from the game's developers!

Includes concept sketches of Link, Zelda, Fi, and the Loftwings.

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GaryOak3294d ago

Whoever drew these has some mad drawing skillz.Of course so do I...

Salamander3293d ago

Great artwork, thats not yours is it... come on fess up.

GaryOak3293d ago

Yep,it's mine.I drew it on the Paint Park App on my Vita.I really only drew it for my comment above,it took about a minute.

DanielBryan3293d ago

I love your drawing of Navi.Her face is so funny.

Double_O_Revan3294d ago

Really hope this book gets translated and released here.

DanielBryan3293d ago

Some pretty amazing stuff,here.