Batman's best video game appearances

The Dark Knight Rises arrived in cinemas on July 20, so VM have trawled through the gaming archives to hunt down the Caped Crusader's best and worst gaming performances. Some gave him a starring role, while others see him appearing alongside other heroes in roles he'd rather forget.

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JoeReno3285d ago

What about Batman Vengeance on the ps2?? That was probably my favorite Batman game before the Rocksteady series came along.

Moby-Royale3285d ago

If I am correct, that game featured batman in the artstyle of the animated series.

Assuming my memory serves me well, I loved that game.

gamejediben3285d ago

This article is called "Batman's best video game appearances" and yet it includes some truly atrocious games and then to add insult to injury, it omits these precious gems:

Batman on NES
Batman Returns on SNES
The Adventures of Batman & Robin on SNES and Genesis

This entire article is an epic fail.

ChocolateGiddyUp3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

Batman Returns got the movie's vibe down PERFECTLY; more than any other movie-game I've ever played.