More Leaked Perfect Dark Zero Beta Footage for Original Xbox

More images and videos found on an ex-Rare employee's website gets leaked across the Internet. 2 videos from the original Xbox version of Perfect Dark Zero is shown, along with lots of screen shots.

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carl ps35605d ago

All of the good people who worked on Goldeneye&Perfect Dark for the N64 left to make TimeSplitters&Haze!!! ;-P
Rare are nothing now ;-D
Waste of money Bill Gate$$$!!! ;-D

RecSpec5605d ago

Screw Haze, I'm waiting for Timesplitters 4. Doesn't look like Haze will have that sense of humor in it. Plus no Harry Tipper or Cortez=Fail. There are enough FPS's out there.

Shroomy5605d ago

If they all left for Haze, it's a damn shame because it's not looking just fantastic now is it? :P The new Banjo game would have some N64 devs on it I'm sure.

Why blame Bill tell me? He has nothing to do with the games division, he's a chairman now.

God why do people think Bill is Microsoft's only Employee?

bootsielon5605d ago

FULL HD remake of Goldeneye with new shaders and revamped textures and physics, 32+ people online (and if necessary, bigger multiplayer scenarios), more missions, and what not.

Shroomy5605d ago

But somehow I think 4 player was intense enough, what with Proximity mines in every corner, you couldn't move because you would get blown to crap every step! xD

I wish I still had my N64! :(

5604d ago
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