Roundtable discussion: The Ouya Will Fail

Free games, streaming, low price? It does sound a little too good to be true. But will the Ouya’s “hackers welcome” mantra prove its downfall, and will piracy plague its smaller releases and repulse larger publishers? Is it all just another Kickstarter fad? In BNBGAMING's roundtable, cynicism abounds: the motion that the Ouya will fail has been posed, and the site's writers outline the reasons why they agree (or indeed, disagree) with that statement.

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joeorc3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

that cannot see what direction they are taking with the OUYA?


Have they not been paying attention?

Here is the direction, if they even looked for it the information is right there, if they cannot see it than WOW.

forget the big three, just imagine they are not even in the picture because that's exactly what the OUYA console is mainly about, it's being built for the trend in Gaming development and production and distribution has changed, it's not if or will it has already changed.

One only has to look at what that change is to see where the game console market is heading it has already moved and it's not going to stop anytime soon.

OnLive game streaming service headed to more Google TV devices via Google Play

Stream console-quality games direct to Google TV

why would people not think the main TV in people's house hold soon is going to not be the Smart TV?

The OUYA has the same chipset's going into these TV's!

do not people get this? Its not about only Sony, Microsoft or even Nintendo being the only Game in Town so to speak!

when every freaking manufacturers of TV's can build right into the TV a freaking game console or have a small companion TV box sold with the TV. right when you buy the [email protected] TV in the first place, the trend has already started the change. and Sony and Nintendo and Microsoft are not dumb, they already see this, hell they are many times @ event's in the industry where they all talk shop about the future trends.

this OUYA console is not directly challenging the existing game console's that's already being done anyhow but smart TV's and even than it's still the software that matter's anyway. Do people think that Halo, Uncharted or Mario anytime soon will go to smart TV's?

if the answer is no, than you may already have your Answer: your main Question about The OUYA.The OUYA is an indie developer's console, it's being developed for an indie market right on the system, just because it offer's other games and application's like any other topset box does today does not mean it does not have any clear direction.

Its very clear that it's goal was an indie development console that served the consumer, and the developer where just like game development started in small offices, or in the basement of a home where diskette's with white label's were sold or hell given out for people to enjoey back in the 8 bit era of the late 70's and 80's at Computer trade shows.

its about going back to gaming root's where everyone who buy's one of these systems can make their own software for it. only this time with a low entry cost point and every system is the same @ point of sale. just like every console is now.

its about giving back the choice to the consumer and developer , because with this system it can be both one and the same.

shaanmjoshi3291d ago

I just think that Ouya lacks a clear direction. It's not going to be powerful enough to handle the high end indie PC titles (like Amnesia, etc.), and if it's just going to feature ports of Android phone games, I would just play it on a phone.

As of now, there are no games or services that really make me want to go out and buy an Ouya. And I own 100+ indie titles, so it has nothing to do with me not liking indie games.

joeorc3291d ago

"I just think that Ouya lacks a clear direction. It's not going to be powerful enough to handle the high end indie PC titles (like Amnesia, etc.), and if it's just going to feature ports of Android phone games, I would just play it on a phone. "

see there you go again, you are pointing @ the OUYA has no clear direction when it does indeed have one, example

when you say:

"I would just play it on a phone"

really are missing the whole point, stop thinking about How powerful the system is, and think about what drives the developer to make a game for a platform!

the point is exactly why have game console's even been made in the first place? what makes the whole idea of a Game console viable of a platform to make a game for?

your falling into the trap that many people are getting into in this day and age.You are thinking about How powerful the system need's to be and not what the system is able to do. Of course there is limit's to every hardware, there always is. the static nature of the hardware means the developer's know exactly what they can count on will be in the stock system.

think of it as this there is 4 processing cores in the system where as each core is running between 1 GHz for each core upto 1.6 GHz for each core. Now pretty much everyone knows , even if you do not know most games are developed for a single core!. So no matter what many times each game released for smartphones if you will only use one core as it's main entry point for any and every software because most of the phones sold is or was only a single core!

The developer's have yet to develop for multiple core's in the mobile phones and get the best use out of them, that's where something like the OUYA comes in, it's going to take time to exploit those core's.

instead of Developer's having to pay out through an ARM and a leg for advanced tool's they already have those ready and in most cases free to lower than many entry cost's for development APi's as you would need for say one of the big three systems if you were developing for those systems.

the direction is very clear. it's being made to offer a very cheap and cost effective entry point to develop games for the Living Room TV which the current big three do not offer such a cheap entry point.

that's the direction . If you are such as you said:

" It's not going to be powerful enough to handle the high end indie PC titles (like Amnesia, etc.)"

is missing the entire point of the OUYA it's not meant to be that way, can it with streaming sure, just like the platforms out there now that can offer that functionality also. but they still do not offer a cheap entry point for developer's to develop games for your Living room TV unless your talking about digital only in something like PSN or XBOXLive OR Roku box's or Google TV..etc.

That is with anything right now. it's about How they are going to go about doing this service and what does it offer over the other systems. and for many Developers in the indie development part of this industry it's a way into getting a system to their type of development for not only their games and applications, but offer a chance for center stage for the living room for once.