Dead or Alive 5: Trailers, News, and More...

"Dead or Alive 5 is the newest addition to the DOA franchise, and the newest addition to the main series in years. Last year it was announced at the Tokyo Game Show, and the first trailer was released on December 7th. It showcased Ryu Hayabusa and Hayate fighting, with more realistic graphics, and some great looking gameplay. It was later revealed that this game will be much more environmentally immersive, with greater landscape interaction along with new character physics. This includes costume specific breast physics, characters clothing getting dirty, and transparent clothing."

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Ramas3286d ago

cant wait for this game :) for me it is x10 times more fun then tekken.

BuffMordecai3286d ago

Yeah, Tekken feels like your fighting underwater and has stiff character movement and animation.

mastershredder3286d ago

I want Tina Armstrong with the voice actress from Dead or Alive 2 Hardcore (Sally Dana). Kate Higgins made her sounds like a teeny-bopper. Tina is a woman, not a girl.

samiahm3286d ago

Have to agree with you on that one. I hate how Kate Higgins portrays her voice.