The three physics engines of The Force Unleashed

If you don't feel like watching an awesome, six-and-a-half minute long tech demo of the physics engines featured in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, allow us to briefly summarize the video below -- things are going to move around very fancily in this game. With the Havok engine controlling the movement of objects, the DMM engine regulating what objects are made from what substances, and the Euphoria engine deciding how enemies react to their environment, the game appears to push the boundaries of physics in gaming. Now we just have to wait until its summer release date to find out whether or not the rest of the game is absolute schlock.

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Kakkoii4550d ago

Wow that's some great work they did.

Those three game engines should just be merged into one engine that can be used by other developers. That would be great.

Kakkoii4550d ago

Lol who Disagreed with me?

What's to disagree with in my comment? Atleast post a reply when you disagree explaining why you disagree. Cause I really can't see a reason.

TrevorPhillips4550d ago

yea i know how awesome ayy im definetly getting this game it owns its just like mass effect style =] always loved lucas arts games and his movies star wars owns havok engine rules but unreal engine is the best =]

TruthBTold4550d ago

Everything so far about the game points to a must buy. The environments, the music and specially the game play all seem to work great together for a great overall experience.

Lord Anubis4550d ago

i'm not a starwars fan but this seems interesting.

TruthBTold4550d ago (Edited 4550d ago )

i wasnt too much into it also until I saw them. Its a great story and great films.start from episode 1,2,3 and then move to the older movies to understand them.

LeonSKennedy4Life - Its a chapter in the story, even though it might not be as exciting as the other, it still is a chapter in the story and in order to get the complete experience it should be seen.

LeonSKennedy4Life4550d ago

For the love of all that does not suck...SKIP EPISODE II!!! It sucked!

TrevorPhillips4550d ago

im tellin ya this game will own i mean look wat the havok engine is doing to star wars its making the game very interactive :D

MK_Red4550d ago

Awesome find and video. Though I love Havok's effects, the sickest and most mindblowing aspect IMO is the Euphoria engine and how those troopers react with the enviroment. In one scene the player pushes the trooper and poor guy grabs the nearby box! That was SICK.

3 super crazy techs. We had seen Havok in many games but Euphoria and DMM are the REVOLUTION. Who said technology doesn't bring new gameplay!? Here it is.

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The story is too old to be commented.