Namco Not In Charge of Handling Character Direction in Next Super Smash Bros. Says Tekken Director

In case you’ve been living under a rock or if you simply missed it, last week we had the chance to sit down with Mr Katsuhiro Harada, Director of the Tekken series. Today in Part 2 we finish off our chat and discuss working with the Wii U, Namco Bandai on the next Smash Bros. and why you shouldn’t skip Tekken Tag Tournament 2 this September.

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Lord_Sloth3284d ago

I just hope they put in some great characters like Saki and Isaac.

Fierce Musashi3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

Oh yes. They deserved more than just being Assist Trophies. Same with Ray MK III, only I think they should go with Ray 01 model for the character.

CanadianTurtle3283d ago

I seriously hope they don't because this is SSB, not "Nintendo X Namco"

Lord_Sloth3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

I'm not sure how the main characters from Sin & Punishment and Golden Sun (2 Nintendo owned franchises) would turn this into Nintendo x Namco...

Shok3284d ago

Good, I just want them to focus on the gameplay. Hopefully Namco's involvement will lead to more edgy gameplay like Melee as opposed to Brawl.

HarryMasonHerpderp3283d ago

Melee was the perfect smash bro's game.
It was so good.

Patriots_Pride3284d ago

Lets hope the rumors about Nintendo trying to get back Banjo are true as Banjo was born to be SSB.

I would also like to some KI characters in SSB and Conker.

MySwordIsHeavenly3284d ago

Give us deeper fighting mechanics and a good story. Is that SO HARD to make?!?

ChickeyCantor3284d ago

Yes it is hard to make considering it's a fighting game. "stories" in fighting games never shine and are hardly of any interest. Because the gameplay doesn't allow for story telling or interaction thereof.

Melees fighting mechanic was deep enough.

Lord_Sloth3283d ago

BlazBlue says hi.

The problem isn't that fighting games lack interaction for the story, it's that nobody takes the time and care to create a good story.

That said, I don't really care is SSB gets a story or not since I spend all of my time in 4 way free for alls.

ChickeyCantor3282d ago

"BlazBlue says hi. "

Please, why not just read a manga or something? The fighting adds nothing to the story and vice versa.

Advent993283d ago

"Give us deeper fighting mechanics and a good story. Is that SO HARD to make?!?"

I doubt this guy even knows how to play SSB.

CaptainN3284d ago

No to Namco/Bandai characters.......I want a Nintendo fighter, thats why I get Smash. If I want to fight as a Tekken or Soul Caliber character thats what I have those games for. Keep them out of my game, thanks !

RockmanII73284d ago

Sonic and Snake were in Brawl, I'd be ok with someone like Pacman or Klonoa getting in. I just don't think Tekken or Soul Caliber characters really fit the style in Smash though.

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