Seven games are leaving Xbox Game Pass at the end of August 2018

James writes - "Prepare to say your goodbyes to another selection of Xbox Game Pass titles as the end of August gets ever nearer. But which games are leaving us and will they be a hard loss to take for current subscribers of the service?"

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FallenAngel19841136d ago

I never understand why people think the future of games are services since the content won’t indefinitely be available

SegaGamer1136d ago

It's the media and game publishers that are pushing this. I don't think that they care about our concerns.

Profchaos1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

No I think most logical gamers understand the premise you play a monthly fee and Microsoft pays publishers for the ability to use games on the service having games never leave would mean no money for new games which would cause the service to go stale

If you want to own the game then buy it instead

Godmars2901136d ago

Most logical gamers understand that services such as these remove the concept of consumer ownership and poses a threat to game quality. Something like Uncharted or Red Dead would have less emphasis to be made and likely every major publisher would follow EA's example with titles like the canceled SW title 1313.

fathertime44641136d ago

No one is pushing this. It's just another method of getting games to the players. It's a service that gets games into the hands of players. By your logic Sega channel, game fly, netfix, Hulu, steam, Vudu, Amazon prime, and the countless of other services past and present that are similar to this are a waste. You may not get it, and it's probably because of your age and preferred console of choice, but that doesn't mean it's evil. Do some research and educate yourself

Godmars2901136d ago

No one is pushing it yet MS is putting big name AAA releases on it day one? EA has used exclusive early access to betas for their.

psuedo1135d ago

They dont. If you buy a game and you play it for a minute, or a year. Why should they care unless they got DLC to sell in the future, or you sell your used copy and they dont get the money from someone buying it new.

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Tedakin1136d ago

It's like Netflix. Every month movies leave, and new movies come. Netflix is the biggest movie service on the planet.

Chevalier1136d ago

Except Netflix spends billions on making their own exclusive content. They have far more reason to subscribe. MS doesn't spend nearly enough on content.

Godmars2901136d ago

And everyone's making their own version of Netflix, removing content from it as result.

Cobra9511136d ago

Add playing your games through streaming instead of running them on your system, and your analogy becomes perfect. You pay a periodic fee, and as long as you continue to pay, you get to choose from whatever selection the service decides to make available at any given time.

agnosticgamer1135d ago

@Chevalier MS just bought 4 studios built another AAA studio from the ground up and hinted more studio purchases are to come. Of course it will take time after they closed multiple studios at the end of their 360 era, but the games and content are coming. All future 1p games are day one game pass and with 1p studio #'s getting up there lots of great content will be incoming... Netflix wasn't built in a day... and neither will Game Pass, but it's getting there.

rainslacker1135d ago

True. But at the same time, you don't tend to just play a game for an hour or two, then not care anymore. With TV, there is usually plenty to choose from. More than 100 games. Personally, I don't like to feel pressured to make sure I get a game done before it leaves the service, and I would probably be disappointed if a game left the service that I didn't get to in time.

Its not a knock on the service itself, because I find it fine and a good value as it is now. I just think that the comparisons to Netflix or Amazon Prime stop at the nature of how the content is distributed and rotated. But I find the fundamental nature of how TV and games are consumed by the user to be very different.

Why o why1135d ago


True, Rome wasn't built in a day.

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timlot1136d ago

You can buy those games at a discount if you want to own them.

Godmars2901136d ago

Until they're no longer offered a product, only services.

Though its doubtful that the indie scene will ever go away. At the same time it also will never have the access to AAA resources.

maybelovehate1136d ago

Netflix is the same way, and yeah it is the future.

Cobra9511136d ago

I promise you, it isn't MY future.

King_Noctis1136d ago

You can always buy it you know. Its not like it only available on Gamepass.

doggo841136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

I never understand when someone says they want or believe GAAS is the future of gaming... I just want good games with all the content provided day one to be the future of gaming... Just keep it simple people

kevnb1136d ago

Hold on, they will be sending astroturfers any second now.

fathertime44641136d ago

It's a service that for a small fee gives you access to a rotating game catalog. I don't know what is so hard to understand and why you would dislike such a thing. It's extremely consumer friendly. There's a hug variety of games and you have the chance to check out games you probably wouldn't have bought or at least wasn't factored into your gaming budget. I like. It to the Sega channel of my childhood.
It's not the future of gaming, but it is the future of budget gaming and an asset for people like me who have limited funds and can not buy every interesting game under the sun

Mystogan1136d ago

It will never be the only way to play video games but in the future it will be the main way of playing it.

Just like Netflix right now. You can either watch movies on Netflix or just buy them. There will never be a time where you won't be able to buy them. Because it's just not a smart business decision. People who buy movies don't unsubscribe from Netflix. Just because they buy movies.

In Xbox case. You can have game pass and just buy your favorite games that might leave, at a 10% discount. Why would Microsoft remove that option when it's extra revenue for them? You didn't unsubscribe from Game pass because of that one game AND they get some money from the game you bought.

Do you see why It would be an incredibly stupid business decision to remove the option to buy games now?

It's all about having options. Having these options makes the consumer happy and devs get more money. It's a win win for everyone.

rainslacker1135d ago

I think your right. But at the same time, I can see a fundamental change to how games are made to accommodate services like this. Since it was first announced with day one software, it just seemed more like a paywall for F2P games. To date, MS hasn't gone full on with that route, but I think if more publishers are hoping to capitalize on a service like this, I can see it moving more towards the mobile market, while relying on back catalog to increase the appeal of such services.

The service itself with this kind of paradigm is still pretty new, so its hard to say how it'll work for the long term. But in no way can I see big scope AAA games being made for it with high frequency. The only way that could happen is if there was a rather sizable subscriber base....which could of course happen if the provider wants to weather the storm and lose money while building that subscriber base. MS is certainly a company that could weather that storm.

Goldenarmz1135d ago

Because if you actually want to keep it, you can buy the game. Most games dont have a big shelf life as many make it seem. People just like to complain really. Unless you are a Game Collector, this is a non issue. If people wanted to hold on to their games there wouldnt be a HUGE USED GAME MARKET.

rainslacker1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

It wouldn't be bad if what's available isn't determined by a rotating library. It works for things like TV where there is a lot more content. But games typically aren't watch for an hour or two, then don't care again for a few years. It tends to be many hours spent.

I don't know any way around this for gaming though, since it would be impractical to license all those games for the service for a long period of time just to make sure people can play them at their leisure. Maybe not impractical, but the cost of the service would have to increase dramatically to compensate....which kind of defeats the purpose and value of the service.

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Profchaos1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

Meh pretty weak selection of leaving titles should hopefully make room for a more exciting selection

Knightofelemia1136d ago

I'd rather go out and buy the discs for these games pretty sure they are dirt cheap to buy

King_Noctis1136d ago

Having choices is great isn’t it? You can either buy the game outright or just pay $10 a month to play those games plus a hundred more.

Knightofelemia1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

I'd rather spend the $10 on buying the game streaming services are ok if the game is super rare and expensive. But like all other services they have their draw back like people needing really good internet and that can get expensive itself and fact that contracts between publishers and companies like Sony or Microsoft tend to expire. So by the time I get around checking out the streaming service and that game is gone it to me is a waste of cash. I'll stick with physical knowing I own the game and I can play it anytime I want. And like I said earlier I am sure you can probably pick up a used game at half the price of the monthly fee or the yearly fee the streaming service is asking for.

fathertime44641136d ago

You don't need really good internet. It's not a streaming service like psnkw. You download, play, delete, and repeat

optimus1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

@ magnus... what are you talking about? you don't need "really good internet" for gamepass because you have to download the game in order to play doesn't sound like you know the concept of gamepass. they are not expecting you to play every single game on the service in under a find the game you like and play it....

when you finish it, you play another. can you find the game used somewhere? sure. on average about $10-15 bucks but let's say you did and you finish that game that you now own in under a month and you end up not playing it again for years then who waisted their money?...with gamespass you could probably finish 3-4 games in under a month saving you roughly $40-50 buying those same games used.

Profchaos1135d ago

That's good if you want to do that you can myself I hate clutter and buying 100 games means I have to store 100 boxes so I prefer digital unless I really love a title

sprinterboy1136d ago

Can these articles stop please, same as "Seven games are leaving Xbox Game Pass at the end of July 2018" the the same stupid comments as July.
What's nxt month "Seven games are leaving Xbox Game Pass at the end of September 2018"
Seriously have gamers become stupid, brainless zombies or something? It's not hard to fathom games pass is like "Netflix" we get it games come and go each month its like £7.99 a Month.
I like Netflix for the occasional hangover
Sunday film and Netflix originals plus documentarys but hey guess what? That doesn't stop me from buying "stranger things" or "daddy's home 2" on Blu Ray.
If you don't like it, then don't have games pass if you do then get it. Is it that hard too understand.
BTW I'm not a xbox owner so the same goes for Ps Now, if you like it get it, if you don't then don't but please can we stop with the same stupid comments every time like these on gaas articles.

oKidUKo1136d ago

So you don't think people would like to know exactly what's leaving the service?

sprinterboy1136d ago

You'd get that via a email from xbox division or the official site

Stanjara1136d ago

Articles are there because people really don't understand terms of use, and Microsoft isn't frankly clear about negative side of it. You can have one month access to one content and the next month your buddy can't. It's good to know which game access are you paying for.

Mystogan1136d ago

They have been very clear about the fact that some games will leave from the very start.

ILostMyMind1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

Why are you so upset? Has the collaborator hurt your feelings? The Article is just listing which games will leave the service, as well as some other article will list which games will enter. Certainly gamers become stupid, brainless zombies or something.

Follow your own advice, if you do not like reading the comments on people's opinions about GaaS, do not read the comment session and do not comment on it.

Is it that hard to understand?

Razzer1136d ago

Then don't read the article. If you don't have access to Game Pass why did you bother? People who do are going to want to know what is coming and going. No idea why you have a problem with that, but you really don't need to be preaching to others about "stupid comments".

Mystogan1136d ago

I mean I want to know which games are leaving. But the other side is using this as fuel against it. Even though it has nothing to do with them.

Smells of jealousy to me.

rainslacker1135d ago

There's nothing wrong with the articles to inform people who use the service, or may be inclined to subscribe to play before the games leave.

Since the service is pretty new, it does tend to bring out a lot of commenting about the digital future, or people who just want to take shots at the service itself. But that has nothing to do with the article itself.

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KillBill1136d ago

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