Which Free PlayStation Plus Games Don’t Suck

From the featured editorial:

"Last month, Sony pushed forward a new initiative for its PlayStation Plus ($49.99 a year per member) subscribers by offering not one, not two, but twelve free games for download on its service. And these aren’t just some second-rate picks (well not all of them at least). In fact, most of them are exquisitely popular games, including entries in the Infamous, Ratchet and Clank and LittleBigPlanet series. That said, some of you may not quite be sold on the dozen of games being offered for no charge right now. So, with that, we’ve got a handy little guide to talk about them, and let you know which ones are recommended, and which ones to skip. So here we go!"

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LaurenKB1233248d ago

I wish Microsoft would do something like this with XBL Gold...

InTheZoneAC3248d ago

nope, I'm glad people that pay for live continue to get ripped off

maybe if MS did something like this they'd charge an additional $100 a year for it.

ziggurcat3248d ago

it's called the $99 xbox - which locks you into a 2-year contract with LIVE where you end up paying close to $200 for those 2 years.

darthv723247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

seems to be a bit of a contradiction.

Considering that in order for the games to remain free you have to be a paid member.

What is surprising is the thinking process for Plus member really believing that the two services are actually different. truth be told that once you become a paid member you really cant put yourself back into that perspective of the free members anymore.

Really only the free members can proclaim being able to game online for free. Any Plus member out there that touts that as a feature are now lying to themselves because they are paying for services and extended features and the ability to play game as well as online games they get for the price of the membership. Each and every day whether you use it or not. It's the same for live.

It may as well be a pay to play model like MS. At least MS has been up front about their model from the beginning since the original xbox. They have been adding to it ever since.

It would honestly not surprise me if sony started taking away from their initial free model and changing what they took to be part of the plus model. The thing about being a paying member of something is the feeling of being better served than those who arent members. More perks and incentives as a way to differentiate between the paying and the nonpaying.

Honestly, would anyone really have signed up for PSN if it was a paid membership model when it first started? Simple answer is no because it lacked so many things to make it worth it.

Now with plus it is worth being a paid member. Its just that paid members are such hypocrites in how they view live and dont realize they themselves are now stuck at either continuing their paid membership or risk losing all the free stuff.

gaffyh3247d ago

@darth -

1. The main part of PSN is still free, this is an addition to it. You don't NEED it to play online, which is the case for XBL.

2. After one year, you are very unlikely to be playing the same game, and most likely you will have completed and deleted the game from your HDD within 3 months.

dantesparda3247d ago


Wow! just wow! you're logic and figuring here is just, im sorry to say, retarded.

darthv723247d ago

you prove my point perfectly. Here, let me expand on your comment.

"The main part of PSN is still free" only those who arent Plus members can really make that statement. It isnt like you can turn off your plus membership for a day just to play online. You paid for it and the time ticks by if you use it or not.

"this is an addition to it." Until it becomes a requirement which in some cases it is getting there.

"You don't NEED it to play online" This is where you are wrong. If the 'free' game has multiplayer then YES you do need it to not only continue the free play of the game but to ALSO play that game online.

"which is the case for XBL" There never was any question of the practice of XBL. It has been this way from the beginning. It would be different if it started off free and became a pay to play model but think back. Gold never existed. There was only 1 model and it was the pay to play.

MS didnt have to create a free silver model but they did. Sony HAD to start off free because of their lack of structure to require gamers to pay to play online. Slowly they have been changing their model to be more like live. Thing is, they cover it up with their incentives program.

Im not against that by any means. I just wish these people would be honest with themselves and see it for what it is. You are now a paying member to sony and sony will continue to improve their service like MS has done with theirs.

"2. After one year, you are very unlikely to be playing the same game, and most likely you will have completed and deleted the game from your HDD within 3 months."

This is a very general statement to which there is no basis. Maybe for you, you would delete the old games after beating them but there are many who would do better to keeping them and knowing they would be able to play them anytime they feel like it. So long as their membership was up to date.

MS has given away free games. And the beauty of it is....they really are free. You can continue to play them even after you choose to go silver. You would obviously lose out on the multiplayer portion of the game but being able to play the single player side is better than not being able to play the game at all like what happens if you let Plus lapse.

I just find it funny how people will criticize those who pay for live and yet dont realize sony is adopting the same idea. When they said online would be free they really backed themselves into a corner. Because now they know gamers will hold them to that. So they had to try and figure out a way to get people to pay while at the same time create the fine print they hope gamers wouldnt see.

The core of PSN may be free to those who don't pay, but everything else from new features and services to 'free' games are being geared towards the paid members and will continue to do so as long as you keep paying.

Bottom line is, once you are hooked it becomes that much more harder to simply walk away from it.

darthv723247d ago

yeah, that's a real mature comeback.

Thanks for contributing.

gaffyh3247d ago

Well once you've played a game, you can delete it. It is still linked to your account, so you can download it whenever you want again. Also, so far, I don't think there has been a game for PS Plus that has multiplayer online that would keep you going for a long time i.e. MW-like.

I get what you are saying, but the simple fact is, you don't need to pay for PS Plus if you don't want, and the online is free. Once you've bought a subscription, then of course you've paid in advance, but there is a world of difference between XBLG and PS+. One you need to have to play online, one you don't.

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brettyd3248d ago

I really don't understand what you're paying for with xbox live, MS nickel and dimes you for EVERYTHING on that service. I only had it so i could play with friends. Its ridiculous that people pay for things that should be free and are free on other services (psn)

Raf1k13248d ago

Your reason for paying for it is pretty much everyone's reason too. You paid for it because you had to in order to play with your friends. Everyone basically has to pay for it to play online. They don't really have a choice unless they don't want online play.

If MS ever gave the option to play online with a silver account subscription numbers would plummet.

Godmars2903248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

PS+ is a frequent user rewards program.

XBL...requires you to pay for online access for online game features, network communication and some media features other services allow for free.

Sadly I do have to add that PS+ also makes digital over physical games - something I'm actually against - more appealing.

ALLWRONG3247d ago

Don't you have to pay for PSN+ and when you stop paying don't they take the games away?

That's what I thought

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UltimaEnder3248d ago

That's a solid mix of quality titles, impressive Sony!

iamnsuperman3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

Saints row 2 made me buy Saints row 3. Good series.

Is it really good advice not to get a free game???

edit: also great selection of games. I have been kept busy

LaurenKB1233248d ago

There are free games worth skipping (check out the Android app store for countless examples)... but in this case I think the author it talking more about time than "cost"....

LOGICWINS3248d ago

Not all free games are worth downloading. I got Flow and Dead Nation for free and after playing them for a couple minutes I quickly deleted them to make room for Saints Row 2/Infamous that I can actually enjoy.

It's like an average guy winning a years supply of red lipstick. Yes, its free, but its useless.

NastyLeftHook03248d ago

in your opinion, in my opinion they are some of the best games ever made.

LOGICWINS3248d ago

I'm very happy for you.

FunAndGun3248d ago

well logically you could sell or trade that lipstick. maybe your mother or female friend would appreciate that lipstick. maybe you might even like the lipstick if you wear it longer then a couple minutes...i don't know.

logically speaking of course.

guitar_nerd_233248d ago

I've been enjoying Infamous 2, it's a good idea because I wouldn't have bought that because I thought the first one was ok but not great.

Now I might buy number 3 if there is going to be one.

TheRealHeisenberg3248d ago

I got it for the same reason. I actually liked Infamous 1 more than Infamous 2. Will also get part 3 if there is one.

aquamala3248d ago

Saints row 2 doesn't age well at all, did people think it was a good looking game when it was released?

Raf1k13248d ago

Downloaded it and played it for a bit. It's really not a very good looking game at all and I didn't enjoy playing it much either. Saints Row 3 is a big improvement IMO gameplay wise as well as visually.

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