Kingdom Hearts: Not Necessarily on PS3 far-fetched take on the recent news about Square-Enix strategy for this generation.

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Jay da 2KBalla5917d ago

Heres hoping Kingdom Hearts will come to 360 and it better not be a port of a past title.

PS3ALLDAY1225302d ago

play3ond ps3 onlt in 2011

Islandkiwi5917d ago

Square is a third party developer, although I believe Sony has a minority interest in the company. They'll sell product where they see money, whether it's the Wii, the PS3, or the 360...oh, or the pc.

bilal5917d ago

announced about Kingdom Hearts, it could likely be multiplatform considering 360 is doing good in US, and KH has a lot of apeal in US. But it is total speculation posted as news by

no_more_heroes5917d ago

Kingdom Hearts? I don't think so. It sells so much copies on ps2 that if they even thought of making it multiplatform, Sony would probably buy the licence for the game. Why would Sony let them share one of their best selling franchises with another console, ESPECIALLY the 360? This would be AWESOME if it did happen, but there is a VERY VERY VERY slim chance that it will.

UrbanJabroni5917d ago

Probably because, while Sony is an investor in Square, the company itself is a publicly traded.

Just because Sony wants something, doesn't mean they can make it happen. Officers and directors of a company have _legal_ fiduciary responsibility to do what is best for their company...if a deal with Sony has less value than a multiplatform release, the officers would have some pretty serious shareholder issues if they chose the less profitable option by going with Sony (assuming it is less profitable, which they seem to imply with their desire to keep one platform from being dominant).