Why Stuart Black's 'Enemy Front' Is The Most Important FPS In 5 Years

Whatever you think of the Call of Duty franchise now, without 2007′s Modern Warfare, the gaming landscape would be entirely different today. CoD4 was extremely influential and important in getting us where we are in gaming now. With that come some negatives and some positives, but there is no doubt in my mind that it is time for change in a genre that is getting too bloated in it’s self-masturbatory “cinematic” gameplay. Enter Stuart Black’s Enemy Front.

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rufusman914323d ago

Looks awesome, but it probably wont self becuase of shooters like Halo and Cod dominating the FPS market.

Yodagamer4323d ago

I hope it's good, the last game stuart black was associated with didn't turn out well, granted he left it before release so i don't know how much he actually had to do with bodycount, but still.

DeadlyFire4323d ago

True, but everything so far in Enemy Front falls back to what the PS2/Xbox hit Black was about it seems. I think he had less control of Bodycount. What he wanted likely got scrapped in favor of what others wanted which is likely why he left. There is no way for us to know really.

This sounds as close to Black 2 as we can get from him anyway. I still say Black gave DICE/EA idea for frostbite engine.

r214323d ago

my god, this sounds amazing. i will certainly be playing Honor and Glory mode :D i loved Black!

IHateYouFanboys4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

black is IMO the best FPS of the last 10 years, bar none. enemy front looks pretty awesome, hoping it turns out well.

still waiting for Black 2 though.

CanadianTurtle4323d ago

Dude, if black 2 came out nowadays it would get bashed and stashed to the death. Look what happened to bodycount. Did that game receive well with the critics? Nope. Its because that sort of gameplay is frowned upon nowadays and won't do well in the market either. It wouldn't even be looked upon as a hidden gem.

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