Half-Life 2 art director finally reveals why he left Valve

To many gamers, Valve is the epitome of good in the gaming industry. They produce great games, they’re heavily involved with and support their community, and Gabe Newell is one of the nicest guys you’ll find in the industry. So one has to wonder, why would anyone leave a company with such a good reputation? The former art director on Half-Life 2 did, and now he’s finally revealed why.

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rufusman914348d ago

Valve becoming bigger and bigger = better and better games and sales on steam.

nveenio4348d ago

Yeah, I can definitely see too big being a problem. Things start to become a bureaucracy, and that begins to limit creative freedom.

BlackPrince 424348d ago

Not quite, many studios get worse when they get larger because too many voices dulls the creative edge of the studio.

Insomniac Games is a victim of this.

nveenio4348d ago

I agree. Sony is one company that is good at finding a balance between these things. Valve hasn't yet been affected, I don't think...so maybe they'll do okay, too. But this dude that left definitely knows their inner workings better than any of us, and it just didn't suit him anymore. I can respect that.

Primalfear4347d ago

Fanboys always find a way to bring Sony into every Article. *sigh*

nveenio4347d ago

Actually, I brought up Sony because my first thought was, "Sony is big, and it doesn't hurt their first party creativity." It has nothing to do with the fact that I'm a fanboy, though I totally admit to being one. Sony games are awesome. I was countering my earlier claim that big could = bad. Obviously, it's not always true. So I gave an example.

Emo children call out fanboys in every comment.

iNFAMOUZ14347d ago

are you kiddin primal, this site is 80% sony fanboys, xbox gets treated like shit on a daily basis, the nerve of your blind hidden trolling.

coolman2294347d ago

@Inveni0 Sony doesn't develop games. What they do is buy studios to make games exclusively for their consoles. Valve is a software company as opposed to Sony, which is mostly a hardware company. The comparison is a little off.

nveenio4347d ago (Edited 4347d ago )

Sony has so many studios, it's ridiculous...and they're all SCE studios. Let me show you:


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mananimal4348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

@ rufuseman91

spoken like a politician, nice.

khan_saab4348d ago

"Valve becoming bigger and bigger" = I want more money

plain and simple. he wanted a bigger paycheck and he did not get it so he left. plain and simple

HardCover4347d ago

That's the dumbest shit I've heard all month.

Time to go unplug my internet and check if the sun still exists.

Crazay4347d ago

All the people I know in the industry especially on the artistic side, are in it for the love of the art and they want to be pushed to new limits with their craft.

If Valve started to do too many cookie cutter products, then i can see why someone as well respected as him would want to go elsewhere. somewhere they can use their imagination and create new and interesting things instead of the limitless garbage.

ATi_Elite4347d ago

1. Valve is The Best! They are passionate about their games and fans so no worries from them. They remain a Private company to keep the "Suits from screwing things up".

2. Dishonored seems like a Bioshock clone, sorry but it does but that may be a good thing.

3. He went with the money and power so no complaints about leaving.

4. your next game or any thing you make will not be better than Half Life 2. HL2 was the result of great minds working together and not one individual.

strauser3604347d ago

Wow. You are a pure Valve fanboy. congrats.

Crazay4347d ago (Edited 4347d ago )

Gabe probably ate his lunch one too many days.


Jazz41084347d ago (Edited 4347d ago )

Is there ever a time that a valve article can be written without some a hole commenting on Gabes weight. Everyone has problems and issues and we as humans should not stoop to the level of making fun of people for there issues. Grow up.

Crazay4347d ago (Edited 4347d ago )

Shhhhh Jazz...No one was talking to you. it was said as a joke. I don't care that he looks like the stereo typical overweight nerd. Just that he's a loud mouth Dbag who runs a company that yes, has made some great games but fails to meet deadlines AND that he allows it like its some sort joke. "Valve Time"

Bathyj4347d ago

Lighten up Jazz, fat people are the last group we're still allowed to make fun of.

Might as well enjoy it until thats gone too.

Bathyj4347d ago

Oh yeah, I forgot about red headed step children.

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RXL4347d ago

"Not sure if fan boy...or just delusional"

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MeatAbstract4348d ago

Fair enough, really. Can't argue with his reasoning. The guy wants to work and create. Since Valve have unlimited resources they can pump into games, they can just sit back and take their time. Lord knows when we'll see anything new from Valve in terms of a new game, a new world, a new IP. That's what this guy wants to do.

BlackPrince 424348d ago

So in other words, this guy left Valve because he's actually interested in making games, not piddling around for years at a time buying small studios, appropriating their in development games, and then publishing it as if Valve had been working on it all along.

I understand that......................and this explains why Dishonored gives me the HL2 feel.

chukamachine4348d ago

HL3 has already taken too long.

HL2 sold 12million on PC.

Vladplaya4347d ago

I feel Antonov, it's one thing to work for a big and successful company, but its another thing to be stagnated as an artists with nothing much to do.

He is an artist, and I respect the guys for going with his heart and taking a risk on working with new people in smaller company just so he can bring out something new out of his talent. Good luck to him, Dishonored looks great so far too!