Five Overlooked Current Gen Games

Gamer Euphoria staff member Sean writes:

''For every block buster title than garners high praise and sales there a number of games that fly under the radar. There are plenty of great titles that have plenty to offer but, for numerous reasons, never get the love and attention they deserved. This isn’t the definitive list of the most overlooked games, its merely a look at few of them.''

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Kyosuke_Sanada3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

I really hope that they are remastering Deadly Premonition for the Playstation 3 but I fear that some of the campiness may be lost if it does......

Now if you will excuse me, My can of "the pickles" is getting cold....

Skateboard3286d ago

I imported that game from Japan, worth every penny.

GamerEuphoria3286d ago

Not sure we'll ever see Deadly Premonition return :( shame, so much depth within the game!

ElasticLove3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

NIER should be on that list. Have over 100+ hrs put into that game, loved every minute of it.

GamerEuphoria3286d ago

We would like to point out this is just five games, it's not a definitive list of 'the most over looked', merely a list of 5 gives.

ElasticLove3286d ago

True, no arguing with that

pr0digyZA3286d ago

Binary domain and the saboteur for me.

kma2k3286d ago

I second both of those The Sabateur i wish somone had told me about earlier, one of my favorite sand box games this gen!

guitarded773286d ago

Yeah, everyone I know who played The Saboteur, including myself, liked it. It was a bit repetitive, but it had enough going for it to make it a good play... sadly, it was the last outing for Pandemic.

I also think Red Faction Armageddon was an overlooked game. I really enjoyed it for the $15 I paid for it new.

Another IMO is 3D Dot Game Heroes. It was a perfect homage to The Legend of Zelda and 8 - 16bit era RPG's. Love that game.

007Bond3286d ago

Definitely Mafia 2, at least in my opinion I like mob stories.

GamerEuphoria3286d ago

Really enjoyed Mafia 2, had a great feeling to it throughout, bar the few bugs here and there

Venox20083286d ago

shadows of the damned
child of eden
deadly premonition
rhythm heaven fever wii

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