Premortem: Dead Space 3

In the Premortem column, I offer speculation and opinion on potential problems I see for an as-of-writing unreleased game. The objective of this piece is not to officially declare a game’s doom as the dramatic nature of the title would suggest, but rather to raise warning flags on aspects of the game which seem like they could potentially hinder the overall experience upon final release. If nothing else, these flags are raised to get the developer’s attention and that of the gaming community at large with the hope of provoking conversation on the points addressed herein. Disclaimer: everything stated here is speculation. These columns will focus on games which are works in progress. Any aspect of them at the time of writing is subject to change. Lastly, think of the column title under the technicality “premortem findings or infections”, with the provided caveat that the subject still has a chance to prevent their own ruin through appropriate action.

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joab7772278d ago

This game is no longer a day 1 buy. If I get bored and have nothing to do, I would love to pick it up to finish the story but to me right now, it has faded into the heavy laden action shooter genre, Unless it gets great reviews for some unforeseen reason.