Secret Code Allows E4 Fine Tuning

Flynn de Marco of Kotaku writes: One of the things Every Extend Extra Extreme fans enjoy in the game is the "Wiz Your Own Music" mode where you can bring your own music into the game. Beats of the game can either be automatically detected or tapped in manually and users of the manual mode have asked for a little bit of finer control over the adjustment of the beats. Q Entertainment has heard your pleas and come out with a secret cheat code that will allow you to unlock a Fine Adjustment menu.

At the start menu, use the left and right triggers to input "left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right" which will unlock the aforementioned Fine Adjustment menu. The tools were originally going to be included in the game but were abandoned when they were thought to be too complicated. But, the public asked and Q has amply provided.

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