No PS3 price cut in the US

Sony has announced that it is not part of the company's plan to offer a price cut to the US on its new PS3 console (20GB version) come Novembers launch.

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PS360WII5846d ago

Naturally US won't get the price cut, becuase as americans we don't care about these things called price tags...

NextGen24Gamer5846d ago (Edited 5846d ago )

WOW...that would totally help ps3 here. I think that would even the playing field and give Sony a chance at least to catch up to the next gen industry leader..(Microsoft). Overcoming a 10 million to Zero lead will take some well thought out tactics by sony. And those tactics would have to be competitive pricing. Microsoft gave sony a big blow with the 1080p announcement to play on the same ground as Sony and Sony would give MS a big blow if they priced the ps3 more in line with MS.

Raist5846d ago

How hard is it to lead when you're alone, lol xD

And btw, where did you get that "10 million" from ? o_O

I mean, by the end of summer, it waas 5 million, so huh.

andy capps5846d ago

I am still encouraging all gamers to contact SCEA and encourage them to drop the price in the US as well. I emailed them last week and received a decent response, but basically said they'd forward it to management as I requested, but that they're planning on sticking with the $499 and $599 pricing in the US. If you're interested in contacting them, go here and select "Other" at the bottom of the drop down box:

BIadestarX5846d ago

Sony will not do this here. Sony should be more affraid in Japan because of the wii. The wii will not be a problem for the PS3 in the states; xbox 360 will. But than again just like Sony and their fanboys they have no reason to worry about it. PS3 will destroy the 360 regarless of price or games. right? I can't wait for nov.

Dragonopolis5846d ago

Wow... not classy at all Sony. Give everybody a break and not just the home crowd. Looks like I will without a console this geration until the price drops significantly. I still have my PC and I still think the PS3 is the most advance game hardware out their but....

no matter how advance it is... money is an issue... especially since the PS3 is mostly a game machine with HD movie playback.

Can't use it for work or school......

Hey why don't we Sony fans here in America and Europe go on a console buying strike. When Sony doesn't sell that well here in the States they will have to lower the price to $400. If they don't we can all just advertise all over the net that we want to be treated equally.

$400 is plenty for an game console. If you want all the extras like the 60 GB hard drive, WIFI, and bluetooth (Sony has yet to really sell/push why you would need WIFI and bluetooth) but $500 to $550 isn't too bad.

PS3 is a great machine too bad I'm not getting the $400 dollar deal in America too...

Maybe next summer.......

Watapata5846d ago

Realistically, at least for the moment it doesn't make much sense for them to drop the price of the lower model here in the United States. Relatively little of the consoles sold here are going to be the lower 20 GB model, and they, rightly, have no fear of selling out every console sent here in the initial shipment. It would be ridiculous for anyone to claim they won't sell out. No matter what argument you try to present, you have to admit that there are at least 400,000 Sony fans in the US that will snap those up very quickly. In addition, since the Core 360 hasn't really sold well in comparison to the Premium 360, maybe they figured it just isn't worth it considering volume.

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