Download Dead Trigger Free For Android From Google Play, Updated With Many Features As Well

Chiphazard : Android folks can now rejoice and stop envying iOS users for getting latest games before them, as the newly released Console-quality, Zombie Themed FPS title ” Dead Trigger” has been made free to download for Android users, available via Google Play.

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Wizziokid2734d ago

downloading it right now

wjbjnr2734d ago

looks like piracy finally showed off :P, even though it costs only a buck, it's nice to know it's free on Android :D.

Android users, feel the royalty :P :D !

xPhearR3dx2734d ago

I paid $1 for this on my Android Tablet a couple weeks ago. Now it's free? Meh. Fun ass game though.

stuntman_mike2734d ago

I was playing this on my Xoom with a 360 pad. its actually a good game. but i'm not a fan of all the micro transactions.

IRetrouk2734d ago

Does not work for the xperia play, you can shoot, reload and aim with the iron site, but you can't move or aim left, right up or down, says in the help section to use the analogue pads but they arnt doing the job