Sounds Like Assassin’s Creed III is Getting a Ton of DLC

Kotaku: "We're told that Ubisoft has formed a team specifically to create post-release DLC for Assassin's Creed III, and that there'll be enough of it to warrant some kind of 'season pass' being sold for the game which would presumably entitle purchasers to a discount rate for buying all of it at once."

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user54670073143d ago

Or...and bare with me on this

You waste your resources on the single player game, making it better and longer AND THEN was it's released you start to work on DLC.

I feel like Ubisoft are going to turn into Activison next gen. Once we see a slow decline in their games we'll know it's started. Hell look at Capcom one gen they're good, the next they are crap.

Nimblest-Assassin3143d ago

Or... You could choose not to buy the dlc

Sadly dlc has got a bad rap, thanks to capcom and activision holding back content

However, most studios work on dlc before the game ships.... Why?

So the game you get is quality... Seriously think about it... Why would anyone say hey we will release a lot of dlc before the game releases?

They are not holding back content, just saying they will support it in the future

People think when dlc is announced they are getting an incomplete game thanks to the evil 3

But in reality, many studios say they will have dlc so you know they plan on supporting the game

You can always buy the goth edition if you have a problem with this

SilentNegotiator3143d ago

"Or... You could choose not to buy the dlc"

And regardless not get as good of a product as they could have made, Mr. AC avatar.

showtimefolks3143d ago

Or how about games where the dlc content is involved in main story yeh I am looking at you castlevania lords of shadow

The right way to dlc is how RS did with GTA 4 and gearbox did with borderlands

Don't hate me for saying this but even activision has gotten Bette with dlc but capcom is the worst when it comes to dlc

MostJadedGamer3143d ago

I miss the old days before DLC, and patches when a game actually had to be finished before being released.

Heck Ubisoft even left 2 chapters out of the story of AC2, and released them as DLC.

Who knows they might do the same thing with AC3 leave chapters out of the story, and then release them as DLC.

Nimblest-Assassin3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )


Ok... I understand my name and me backing up Assassins Creed looks biased

But I do feel that way with DlC in general... the concept exists to extend the gameplay

However, some studios DO exploit this and hold back content, its not fair to assume that all studios do this... example Capcom and Bioware having it on the disk, and the money is used to unlock it.

Therefore... the content already exists

However this held back content, is really just ideas that could not make the final game, but they want them to come to fruition, or just incomplete stuff that they could not make because it would cost more than the budget they have to make the game

Uncharted did this, Gears of War did this, Max Payne did this, Battlefield did this.. etc

And I don't remember any of those games being "bad products" iregardless of them all announcing that DLC would be coming before the game was launced

I'd say they were worth my 70 bucks

Granted... some of them are stupid, like max payne giving people exploding vests, and Uncharted giving ISA and Helghast helmets

Hell the only season pass I ever got was for Uncharted 3, cuz I wanted to support ND

When they are working on a game, some things end up being cut... its inevitable. Some of this "held back" content comes out eventually as dlc, but in order to make it have quality, extra resources are needed... thus thats why it costs extra

People today feel if a developer starts working on extra content before the release of the game... its being held back

Its a stupid notion that all game developers do this

And like I said, if you are the patient type,or don't want to spend that much just wait on the GOTY edition


DLC- Its designed to extend the experience, with out waiting for a new game

Patches- Back in the day, if their was a bug or a problem in the game, you'd have to mail it in, and the devs would have to make new copies. Look at Skyward Sword.

People bitch about Oddjob from goldeneye.. if patches existed back then, I doubt people would be bitching about him

No game is "flawless", patches are done to make playing the game more enjoyable, and in some cases, like uncharted 3 add more content for free

I wonder if people read my argument before disagreeing, or just because Im backing up dlc.. If you disagree... atleast have the curtsy to tell me why

omi25p3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

Nimblest-Assassin. Ubi-defence force

omi25p3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

It always worry's me when DLC is announced before the game is out.

nintendojunkie283143d ago could...Well,actually I have nothing to add.I just wanted to be a part of things :)

Nimblest-Assassin3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )


lol... no thats just how I feel about dlc in general

Funny, considering you bitching about not buying the game, and then you blocked me because I hurt your feelings

As if I gave a rats ass what you do with your money. I told you to leave articles in which you can't make positive conversation.. simple

Hell.. the only ubisoft games I own are Ac... so how am I defending ubi only?

If I like a game, I trust it will go in the right direction. Ac3 looks amazing... yet you keep saying the game looks crap, and claim they have butchered the story... with no REAL proof... being playing the game itself

And now you have the audacity to say... its worrying when games announce dlc before

Regardless of all the improvements, hell I've listed them to much

So.. who's the real troll here?

Going to say thats you... but keep it up... I always get a laugh when you leave a comment

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Gamer19823143d ago

all major devs release half a game nowadays and release the rest in a form of DLC. It's why I prefer smaller devs as they actually work harder for your money and release a full game and real DLC.

theWB273143d ago

Funny you guys say this. Games werent anymore complete then than now. If those games in the past could have been patched they would have. They just werent built with internet access to fix them. Internet has been good and bad...if we had it back then plenty of people would have been voicing their gripes with plotholes and game crashing just like now.

They don't release half a game. Gamers seem to be more spoiled than ever, possibly because they can voice that opinion and maybe it's always been that way.

What would you want them to do? How long do you think it actually takes to make new content? So they should just work on the game...wait...then start content? They know alot of gamers trade their games in or they put them away after awhile. So why not have content ready to keep them playing?

Devs love it when their games sell, love it even more when they hear gamers are still playing it after a few months.

Lastly if they never started DLC and they released the game and never supported it after then most people would either moan that they thought the story wasn't complete and ask for DLC....or they accept the game they got because they felt the devs gave all they could simply because nothing was added, like it was in the past.

dumahim3143d ago

Why wait for the game to release first? Many games are finished a couple months before the release date to give time for certification and production. This game is no doubt nearing completion, so setting up a separate team to start work on DLC just makes sense to keep people busy.

Kin23g3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

"Sounds like ACIII is getting a ton of DLC!"

Sounds more like "There's gonna be some milking" to me.

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DaThreats3143d ago

Companies making studios just for DLC
That's the future people
Opening studios just for DLC
Future full of greed and just DLC's

Yi-Long3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

...well... sounds like I won't be buying ACIII on day 1 for full price then....(!)

I'll wait a year for a 'complete' edition at half the original price, as usual.

Thank you for the heads-up, Ubisoft! Greedy bastards.

SageHonor3143d ago

Yeah if this is true, im not buying this game on day one.

dorron3143d ago

Yeah! I've done this since the ACII locked memories more AC day one. Waiting for a complete edition for 20€.

Kemicalbeliefs3143d ago

Haha well pointed out. How to limit day one sales....major lol of lmao proportions.
I used to do first day, now I'm going to wait in future. Sometimes it's only about 6 months you have to wait for the ultimate complete mega all the shit included edition.

Cheers ubisoft. Greed does equal kiss my arse.

snipes1013143d ago

Well if we all feel this way, then we need to speak with our wallets. Stop buying games from these companies on day one. They dont keep screwing us with DLC because no one has been buying them.

MostJadedGamer3143d ago

Most of us are not able to wait that long, and will have to buy the game on Day 1.

I wish they would reward Preorders by giving them a season pass. That would certainly increase early sales.

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Patriots_Pride3143d ago

Yeah DLC!!!

Thank you MS and Sony for making this standard.

TacoTaru3143d ago

Maybe we'll be really lucky and Gamestop will allow us to pre-order the DLC when we pre-order the game!!! Wouldn't that be great?!!

ApolloTheBoss3143d ago

No. No Ubisoft don't you sell your souls too. This isn't a solution, it's just gonna make things worse.

Yi-Long3143d ago

... they did it with Assassin's Creed 2, with Brotherhood, and with Revelations.

I ended up buying AC2 GOTY edition for 15 bucks or something like that. LOVED IT.

Never bothered picking up Brotherhood and Revelations, because of the DLC-milking thing. Couldn't really be bothered anymore by the time the 'classics' came out.

DLC makes me spend LESS money on these games. Not more. It just means I won't buy it for full price on day 1, and it means that I might lose interest and not even buy it once it has dropped in price and has all the DLC included.

ApolloTheBoss3143d ago

You should at least rent ACB. You'll understand the story a lot better. Plus the ending was incredibly mindblowing and make you say "WTF just happen?!", in a good way IMO. Revelations toned it down a bit, also the tower defense was just NOT necessary but it was still worth a rental play-through. And if you won't do that at least watch it online before III comes out.

ChocolateGiddyUp3143d ago

That was the most hilariously offensive DLC ever in Assassin's Creed 2. "We can't access your memories, the animus is corrupted, blah blah..."

All you've gotta do to fix it is insert $10.

rpd1233143d ago

AC2 was awesome. I didn't notice the missing memories at first until I went back to replay some missions and realized sequences were missing. It didn't bother me much because AC2 felt like a full game as it was.

Brotherhood and Revelations on the other hand felt like I was being screwed. There was way less content in those games and I didn't buy the DLC, because honestly it's not worth it. Brotherhood was a solid game but Revelations was sub-par.

Day one DLC pisses me off. What pisses me off even more is when you can't even get all of it because they give each seller a different preorder DLC bonus.

Vortex3D3143d ago

Why not call the retail version "Sampler" or "Starter Game"? Isn't what the retail games have become, the game engine, enough sample to see how the game plays, and the rest, DLCs.

N311V3143d ago

I don't think we're quite there yet but you're future is one I fear.

AzaziL3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

In a few years, multiplayer will be considered DLC, even if it's on the disc.

Just wait until CoD pulls it off after it breaks sales records again and proves that consumers of this generation are some of the most gullible people in history.

joab7773143d ago

I am torn. Believe me, I understand that this is ubisofts cash cow. It pays the bills and allows for games like watch dogs to b made. I have no problem paying for dlc if it's like red dead redemption etc. But, I almost want to wait to buy it because I hate getting sp dlc that I play after I am done. And I don't play AC multiplayer. Like I said, I don't mind dlc. I am playing dragons dogma and if they want to sell equipment or post game quests, I am down. I will put hundreds of hours into the game so it isn't as if they skimped. I do have a problem with on disc dlc because it was already done and Yes, Capcom did that again. But, dlc has become a big revenue stream, one which I think may lead into f2p models. I wouldn't doubt it if Microsoft offers many games for free on next Gen consoles and u pay to continue to play. It would b like trials but u keep paying to get different things. U will probably have to pay to open achievements etc. But it would be a big selling point for whichever console goes this route.

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