Making the Perfect Zombie Game

Thirteen1 - There are plenty of Zombie games out there right now. The undead have become so ubiquitous they’ve even managed to shamble into titles like “Rail Simulator 2012” as DLC. But has there been a perfect zombie game? A quintessential cornerstone against which all zombie games can be held against?

T1 put heads together with a number of gamers to figure out what would make the perfect zombie survival game.

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StreetsofRage2303d ago

Left 4 Dead already perfected it.

GuyThatPlaysGames2303d ago

Left 4 Dead is as good as it's gonna get!!!

PopRocks3592303d ago

People said the same thing about Halo, yet there are FPS games that came out after that were both great and influential.

Just because you have a favorite doesn't mean that new and amazing experiences can't come after.

WeskerChildReborned2303d ago

Yea but too bad it's not for PS3 either. I would have loved to see it on PS3 or something and no this comment isn't to start any fanboy war, i'm just saying.

MysticStrummer2303d ago

L4D is one of the few console exclusives for 360 that I'd buy if it came to PS3, but it's far from the perfect zombie game.

I'd like to see a combo of L4D, CoD zombie mode, Dead Rising, and Dead Island with custom characters. I'd like to have players be unable to communicate unless in close proximity, or unless they found walkie talkies (with batteries that could run out of power). Players would start alone and have to find others. It would be a drop in/drop out world with many buildings that could be entered and fortified if needed. Imagine starting your own game, fighting or avoiding zombie hordes, and hearing gun shots in the distance. Depending on your own weapon/ammo situation, do you risk being seen to help another person?

In my perfect zombie game, being bitten would be a death sentence but it would be possible to hide the bite from your team and turn on them later as a zombie. Once you die, your custom character would show up as a zombie in other people's games.

NoFanboyRequired2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

I would buy this game day one if it ever happened.

Would be cool to be strolling along, all alone, then running into a huge group of players trying to survive. You request to join them And they let you in and all the members have to do missions for the boss, which would be another player.

He could send you out to get supplies, find more people that are alone or in smaller groups. Hell, even try to steal supplies from other groups, trying not to get caught.

God I wish I was a developer, because I would form a team and make this happen lol.

SilentNegotiator2303d ago

Before anyone does this, NO - Neither L4D nor DayZ are "more perfected" than the other. Those are style differences.

joab7772303d ago

I agree. Both are amazing games. And valve isn't done with l4d yet. and soon they r going mmo.

black9112303d ago

World at war zombies my favorite. Never played left 4 dead no 360.

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