IGN Xbox 360's Most Anticipated Games of 2008

Last week, IGN gave you a blowout preview of Xbox 360 games for 2008. However, what we didn't include were our own personal picks. We know that Fable 2, GTA IV and Halo Wars are big games for '08. But what games are the Xbox team looking forward to most?

The rules for eligibility are simple: The game must be announced and expected for 2008. We hope our lists give you a sense of our editors' tastes. Enjoy.

7) NHL 09
Genre: Sports
Developer: EA Canada
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Why?: Though EA has said nothing about its next NHL title, if it builds at all on the spectacular NHL 08, then it's going to be a contender for Sports Game of the Year. As someone who doesn't watch much hockey, I was surprised to find how difficult it was to pull myself away from NHL 08. The dynamic AI made for one of the toughest and most satisfying sports experiences I've had in gaming. Let's hope EA adds outdoor games for 09.

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Rattles4386d ago

i was just gona laugh but after reading some comments no top 10 list will ever be perfect every one has got ther favourites.

kevoncox4386d ago

hits than the ps3 lineup. I expect MGS4 to be a great title and while GT isn't my racing cup of tea it will be great as well. After that comes resistance 2 and LBP. I expect FF and Killzone to be delayed.

Put that

sonarus4385d ago

assuming killzone and FF to be delayed isnt enough to stop the might of the ps3 games. Puttin your money on assumptiobs is quite funny to me. That xxbox list was crap jst shows how there isnt much to anticipate on that side

The_Engineer4385d ago

does your name read kev-on-cox??

whose exactly? microsoft's? lol

some people on this site are going beyond the fanboy descriptor into unexplored depths of internet felatio for a console maker. Fanturd is more appropriate.

MK_Red4386d ago

First list is great but the second one is horrible. That boxing game is there but no Fallout 3!?

P4KY B4386d ago

Fallout 3
Fable 2
Too Human

Combined that sounds like over 200+ hours of gameplay.

CNIVEK4386d ago

My wife and I spent over 300 hours with Oblivion ALONE. Fallout 3 and GTA4 combined, figure to provide no LESS than that. Fable 2 will be good for another 50, at least. ;)

MK_Red4386d ago

1.Good list but lets not forget about Borderlands.
2.I'm expecting to play Fallout for nothing less than 1000 hours.

mikeslemonade4385d ago

LOL 360 owners have to play there games this long because there's not enough games for them in 2008. I'm probably not even going to finish the GTA4 single player.

wageslave4385d ago


I'm like you. I *must* go through every nook and cranny a game has to offer. I just loved Blue Dragon, and played through it twice -- I got nearly 100 hours of gameplay out of that game.

There are some players who "rush" from objective to objective, but I grew up on the old Nintendo 2D platformers where patience rewarded exploration (secret levels!), and I simply cant play a game these days without checking every rock, door, town and tree.

Im not saying its the "right" way to play, and I know the other player type has fun, but its just two kinds of players I think.

That said, there are vastly more games for the Xbox 360 in 2008 then I'll have time to play. And, I agree, EA NHL 08 is just terrific.

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OpiZA4386d ago

Gonna be a nice year of gaming. I just cannot wait 2 sit down with GTAIV and get lost in the world

BLUR1114386d ago

This year will be better than last.