Robotoki’s Robert Bowling talks Ouya, Human Element

GamesBeat's Stefanie Fogel recently chatted with Robotoki president, and former Call of Duty creative strategist, Robert Bowling about his company’s support of Ouya, its new game, and about his departure from triple-A game development.

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JeffGrubb2306d ago

There's no reason interesting things can't happen on Ouya.

acronkyoung2306d ago

And developers might as well. Almost 40,000 people have donated to Ouya at reward tiers that will get them a console. That means the system already has a pretty giant installed userbase. Maybe not as big as the Big 3 are used to with new consoles, but plenty big enough that it's not too risky an option for indie developers to make games on.

roblef2306d ago

This guy sounds like he truly gets the new landscape of game devices and design. Nice interview!

deantak2306d ago

robert shoots straight.

Patriots_Pride2306d ago

I love Robert Bowling! His transformers movies are bad ass.

vortis2306d ago

He means Call of Transformers