Review: The Amazing Spider-Man (darkzero)

"There’s no doubt that if you have an interest in this game, you've probably already seen The Amazing Spider-Man film. You might have enjoyed it or you might have hated it and preferred Sam Raimi’s vision of the web shooting hero. Either way, what really matters with this movie license video game adaption is if it's any good. We all know most license games based on their respective films usually end up mediocre or terrible. There’s a few exceptions, but those can most likely be counted on your fingers. The studio behind this latest Spider-Man adaption is Beenox, a development team that isn’t unfamiliar with Spider-Man – they made the last two Spider-Man games, Edge of Time and Shattered Dimensions. The question is then, have they learnt from the past to create an Amazing (you knew it was coming) Spider-Man game?"

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