Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Preview from GameSpy

Patrick Joynt writes:

"Soon you can bring the power of the Force to two screens."

Unique and clever DS controls; imaginative Force power uses; looks decent for DS 3D.

Not as technologically impressive as the console versions.

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Iamback4385d ago

This thing is on all systems PS2, PSP, DS, Wii, 360 and about milking your IP. Since it is on this many systems that means game has been bumped down so it is not taking full advantage of next gen power (360 , PS3) LAME

ChickeyCantor4385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )

other then 360 or ps3 the engine is different.
even though they are ports on the 360 and Ps3, with the new software tech i dont think it will matter if it took full " next gen " power because it already takes advantage of this new power 360 and Ps3 deliver..

3 complex physic engines are build in the game, so i dont see how this is "bumped down", its never been done before.

wiizy4385d ago

i hope they use the wii controls just as clever

JBaby3434385d ago

The PS3 version is everything it should be. Please do it right.

TheXgamerLive4385d ago

It looks like the two major console, the Xbox 360 and PS3 are getting a game that's been primed for both systems. This should be the best Star Wars game so far, however I still wish they were putting all this effort in a SW KOTOR 3 game.