August 2012 New Release Video Games – Let The Busy Season Begin

You might think that the busy video game release season starts in October, but that isn’t the case this year. Starting with Sleeping Dogs (though one could argue for Persona 4 Arena), there is a big gaming release every single week this month and it extends all the way until the end of November (save for the first week of September).

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BringingTheThunder4345d ago

Vita = 1 exclusive, 3DS = 1 exclusive sigh. still picking up sound shapes day 1 tho.

lastdual4345d ago

At least those 2 games look decent. And things are definitely looking up for the home consoles.

Alread got Darksiders 2 and Fall of Cybertron preordered, and might pick up some others as well.

NYC_Gamer4345d ago

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition=only game from that list i'm buying next month

TrendyGamers4345d ago (Edited 4345d ago )

I'll be getting the DLC on PS3 instead.

Dante1124345d ago

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive!

BringingTheThunder4345d ago

only one? there's so much to choose from!

Relientk774345d ago

Journey Collector’s Edition, I want it

TrendyGamers4345d ago

I want it too! Lots of good content for $30.

TrendyGamers4345d ago

I'll probably be getting Deadlight, Hybrid, Dust, and Counter-Strike. Good month for XBLA.

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It's A Crime That There's No Sleeping Dogs 2 Yet

Huzaifah from eXputer: "Sleeping Dogs from the early 2010s is one of the best open-world games out there but in dire need of a resurgence."

LG_Fox_Brazil59d ago

I agree, I consider the first one a cult classic already

isarai59d ago

You say "yet" as if it's even possible anymore. United Front Games is gone, along with anyone that made this game what it is

CrimsonWing6958d ago

That’s what happens when games sell poorly. And I’ve seen people wonder why people cry when a game sells badly… this is your answer.

solideagle58d ago

Majority of the time it's true but if a company/publisher is big (in terms of money), they can take a hit or 2. e.g. I am not worried about Rebirth sales as Square will make Remake 3 anyway but if FF 17 doesn't sell then Square might need to look for alternative. <-- my humble opinion

Abnor_Mal58d ago

Doesn’t Microsoft own the IP now since they acquired Activision?