5 Games That Need An Extra Life ( writes: You know the moment. That moment when you finish playing a game so awesome that you can’t wait for the next entry in the series. You scour the Internet looking for even the slightest rumor of a sequel just to satisfy your craving. Whether it’s a game that deserves a current/next-gen remake or one that simply left us hanging, we all have them. With that said, here are a few that deserve another shot.

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TheGrimBunny2279d ago

i hate that feeling when there should have been more to a game.

articulas2279d ago

I really liked the article! I would love to give the 1up to battle realms just because I had such fond memories playing on my pc. Though, I do agree with legend of dragoon..great game!


1ups for paperboy, operation wolf and the MegaMan X series and MegaMan Legends!

TheSuperior 2278d ago

The feeling of wanting more... Worse feeling ever :(

FusRohDJ2278d ago

1-Up for Road Rash and Toejam and Earl!