FarSight Studios is Hiring Artists

GameFans writes:
"FarSight Studios has been selling lots of games over the past 20 years with releases as far back as NES and as recently as PlayStation Vita. Pinball Arcade is the studio’s biggest seller and their first self published title. It has sold millions of copies on iOS, Android, PC/Mac, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita. Now they are looking to add talented 3D artists to their fold."

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Robotronfiend2307d ago

You don't need 3D artists to do the trophies. It looks like amateur hour when games release these days that are both glitchy and missing trophies. Having the ball go through a flipper, multiball lag, and no trophies makes me think the tables were released too soon.

See how many of those quality tables they sell after Pinball FX2 drops.

FriedGoat2306d ago

Problem is, Pinball FX and Zen ect the tables are boring as hell. Williams, bally and stern wipe the floor with generic pinball tables. Better music, sound effects and table design.

Robotronfiend2305d ago

Original and recreated tables both have their merits. It would be nearly impossible to make a real life Avengers table with a different ball for each Avenger, or the Infinity Gauntlet table's different modes. You sure can't just flip a real table upside down for a special mode. But on the other side, nothing can top the Twilight Zone table for me.

Anyhow, my real point is that I don't care if the table is a recreation of a rel life table or a totally original digital table - I want it to work correctly. Trophies, no lag, no weird glitches where the ball goes THROUGH the flipper, not LOSING the ball on a digital table w/o a reset option, tournaments, leaderboards etc. Pinball Arcade released a half-finished product.

FriedGoat2305d ago

I don't use the PS3 version but i've played the Vita one loads and not encountered any of these problems, although it only came out 2 weeks ago in UK.